What Vegans Eat in Berlin + A Delicious Giveaway


You may not know this—well, you definitely do if you go way back to the Vegan Backpacker days—but our co-founders have a serious case of wanderlust that they’re not going to recover from any time soon. I personally think that’s good news, though, because that means we get to reap the benefits of their vegan product recon missions around the world.

Their most recent big excursion? A trip to Berlin to see how the local vegans are faring. Here, watch this video by Onn Halpern and it’ll be like you were there with them:

Turns out, Berlin vegans are faring quite well if Jill and John’s snack haul is any indication. Don’t trust my word, though. Take a look for yourself:

Screenshot 2014-01-15 11.39.39

It’s too much for one box! So why are we rubbing these amazing goodies in your face? Because they could be yours, of course! We’re looking for two hungry vegans willing to take these snacks off of our hands.

Enter to Win 1 of 2 Berlin Prize Packs

Each prize pack features a variety of vegan goods purchased in Germany and, in true Vegan Cuts form, we’re keeping the exact details a surprise. Good luck, snackers! Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Open to US residents only.

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  1. Stefanie

    New York, Austin and London

    • Faith Thomas

      I live in South Georgia and I don’t know of many vegan shops around here. There are some in Atlanta. And there are some in Grand Rapids, MI which is my home town. Unfortunately I am not much traveled.

  2. Ooh! Cool giveaway! My top 3 are Seattle, Portland, and DC. I unfortunately am not too well-vegan-traveled outside of the US – looking forward to it someday!

  3. Korie B

    Paris, France has always been my favorite city in the world! I was so happy when I discovered they have vegan celebrations! I also loved all of the options in LA and can’t wait to visit Boulder, CO!

  4. Joylyn

    Vancouver, Montreal, San Francisco

  5. Natalie

    New York, Portland ME, and Portland OR (although I’ve never been, I’m dying to go!)

  6. Amanda Lex

    My 3 favorite vegan cities are Portland OR (my former home town), Eugene OR (my original home town) and Los Angeles (my current home town). I think Portland is by far the best though.

  7. Laura

    New York, London and Vancouver :)

  8. Elizabeth

    New York, Los Angeles, and Omaha, NE ;-)

  9. Alyssa

    I’m from Canada, so I’d have to say San Francisco, Los Angeles.. and a little Canuck love… Vancouver.

  10. Cody VC

    i’d love to travel all over but unfortunately i can’t afford to do so. a box like this is the next best thing!

  11. I honestly to not know, but my mom was born in Germany, so I will go with Berlin :)

  12. Austin, Portland, OR, SF

  13. I honestly do not know, but my mom was born in Germany, so I will go with Berlin :)

  14. Katrina

    Edmonton has some really nice vegan joints, and I hear London is great (though I’ve never been)

  15. Cory

    January was my first box, and it was great. How cool would it be to have my second box be from Germany!

  16. Sarah

    Montreal, Philadelphia, and Providence!

  17. Cami B

    Austin, Seattle and Boulder!

  18. cindy buteyn

    Portland, SF, Oakland, Austin

  19. Cassandra lynn

    Paris, Venice, Rome. . I have not been to any but am dying to go.. I have the travel bug :)

  20. cindy buteyn

    Oops that was 4, I can’t count.

  21. Erin

    NYC, Portland OR, LA

  22. Cody VC

    even if i can’t afford to travel i’d like to go to toronto, boston, and both portlands

  23. NYC, Austin, and Western MA (Northampton area…not one city, but the whole area is very vegan-friendly)! I did come across some good places in smaller towns in Belgium and in Amsterdam, but I’m not sure I could put them down as “most vegan friendly” just because I found 1 or 2 places. Even Switzerland had a few places, surprisingly!

  24. Kelly G.

    Las Vegas (Ronald’s Donuts, yo!), New York City (the pizza!), and Portland, just because.

  25. Melissa

    NYC, Portland OR, London

  26. Crystal Capson

    Are there gummy bears? Please say there are gummy bears.

    Also! I am really curious about vegan treats in Madrid.

  27. Tiffany P.

    1. Northampton, Masschussetts
    2. Seattle, Washington
    3. Austin, Texas (ACL!)

  28. Angela Cash

    My 3 favorite vegan-friendly cities (that I have actually visited) are Asheville, NC, Jacksonville, FL, and Miami, FL.

  29. Julia

    Chicago, New York City and San Francisco!

  30. Kristina S.

    I live in the Cincinnati, OH area.

  31. Steph

    New York, Portland (OR), and Berlin

  32. Jessi V

    I haven’t been to that many cities outside the US, but of course NYC is mega vegan-friendly. In my opinion, my city of Orlando is very vegan-friendly too! And I’m HOPING to go to Berlin this year!

  33. Laura Verduzco

    My fav veg cities: New York City, Portland, OR and London

  34. Megan

    New York, Chicago, and LA (never been to Portland! )

  35. Amy

    NYC/Chicago tied, Vancouver, London.

  36. Rachel J

    Toronto, CA – my birthplace and the first place I really ever tried proper vegan food 24 years later. Since then, it still blows my mind how many vegan food, clothing, and product companies are based there!
    Detroit, MI – k, I don’t really know about the city at large, but my BFF lives there and she’s the most amazing amateur vegan & raw chef! She taught me how to cook my first real vegan meals.
    Chicago – I lived there during college and I think every time I have been back to visit since, there are about 3 new vegan restaurants in my old stomping grounds. Throw in two of my closest friends who have also gone vegan, and that city is a treat to visit!

  37. My favorite vegan-friendly cities (thus far): Austin, Chicago, New York (Brooklyn especially)

  38. Jamie Neal

    Melbourne, Santa Monica and New York

  39. Helene

    This looks interesting. :)

  40. Chicago.

  41. Michelle

    Chicago, Philly and NYC…NOMS…..

  42. Dru

    Toronto, NYC, Chicago

  43. Sara

    Portland, Atlanta, NYC!

  44. Noelle Chaltry

    London, Chicago, Portland

  45. Jen F.

    New York, Toronto, Philadelphia

  46. Kristi R.

    Portland, Oregon; NYC; and Iowa City, Iowa (great for being such a small city!)

  47. Lauren ARK

    I heard that Berlin also has a vegan grocer, so I’ll bet their country puts out some great stuff.

  48. ewlake

    Five favorites: NYC – Washington DC – Boston – Portland, OR – and my home town, Salt Lake City, UT

  49. Ashlee

    Austin, Chicago, and Denver!

  50. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  51. Portland (Oregon), Austin, and New York City

  52. Frank

    NYC is very vegan friendly as well as Seattle.

  53. Caleb


    In that order

  54. Chrissy

    Falmouth, MA is quite vegan-friendly and Cape Cod is *beautiful*.
    Boulder, CO and New York, NY will always have special places in my heart.

  55. megn

    Chicago; Mpls; Paris, FR (though i have not been to Paris, here’s hoping… =)

  56. Brycee

    I live in Norfolk, VA aka PETA HQ and suprisingly enough there are very few vegan restaurants. I havent traveled too much. Small town girl.

  57. Mel McP

    Hands down my absolute favorite is Glasgow, Scotland! Next is Victoria, BC Canada and then Berlin.

  58. Jen lp

    New York
    San francisco

  59. Oops! I meant to say Asheville (NC), NYC, Seattle

  60. Heather

    New York, Chicago, and Philly! Seems a lot of people agree. :)

  61. Amanda

    Portland, Toronto and NYC !!! <3

  62. Kelly h.

    Denver, Co
    Chicago, Il


  63. Greg J

    SF, LA, DC

  64. Joyce Harrell

    Chicago, New York San Francisco

  65. Liz Y.

    Seattle, Syracuse (go Strong Hearts), and Ithaca

  66. Malissa C.

    San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. Delicious vegan options in all three! :)

  67. US only!!! No fare :(

  68. Jennifer C.

    I second Las Vegas for Ronald’s Donuts! San Francisco for sure, and London to round things out.

  69. Cheryl

    This is a difficult one. I would have to say New York and Chicago for sure. I am at a loss for a number 3. Living in Southeast Kansas (the heart of “cow country”), I find it very, very difficult to find any vegan friendly places. There is a great spot in Kansas City called Eden Alley and I stop there whenever I get the chance to be up there (2 hour drive for vegan food – kind of blows, don’t you think?

  70. Patricia Herz

    New York City has so many vegan options

  71. TJ

    Fave three vegan cities – well the easy two are New York and LA! And actually, my third is easy too – in between Blackbird Pizza and Vedge, Philadelphia takes it. =) But I am DYING to visit Berlin, I have read wonderful (wunderbar) things about the vegan scene, and I’m desperate to visit Veganz!

  72. Heide

    I haven’t traveled enough to provide a lot of info, but New Haven ct and the surrounding area has lots of really fantastic options these days! And of course New Your City (tons of faux meat available in Chinatown!). And when I used to travel to Munich, Germany for work I had some fantastic vegan fare!

  73. Maria

    I need to visit more places I’ve heard of as being vegan friendly but have never gone! So far though, I have been impressed with Austin, Raleigh, and NYC :)

  74. My 3 favorite vegan-friendly cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Eugene, OR.

  75. Marcela

    New York, Austin, Portland

  76. Heidi

    NYC, Austin, Portland

  77. Florence, Italy.. My heart

  78. Mara

    Chicago, Portland, New York.

  79. Rebecca

    Portland. LA. SF. Delicious vegan eats!

  80. Julie

    Jerusalem…warm pita and rich history!

  81. Marie-Ève

    Montréal, Los Angeles, New York,

  82. Rebecca

    Los Angeles
    San Francisco

  83. Lauren ARK

    Okay, on topic: NYC, Philly, & London … many as yet undiscovered, methinks.

  84. Kristin

    Only vegan since July, so haven’t had the chance to try out international vegan fare yet. So far, based on experience: Portland, OR, New York City, LA.

  85. Kate

    San Francisco, Chicago and New York – have not been abroad to try vegan foods yet so had to stick with US picks!

  86. Valerie

    New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia

  87. Stephanie W

    NYC, Toronto, Phily!!!

  88. Florence, Dublin, Madrid

  89. Megan K.

    Prague, Austin, and Chicago

  90. Harvest

    London, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City, Utah are my three favorite vegan cities!

  91. Jenn Wes

    Vancouver,NYC, Portland

  92. Amy

    Top 3 Vegan Cities:

    Newtown in Sydney, Australia is delightful! Vegan bakery – Vegan’s Choice, vegan pizza at Basil, vegan butcher – Susy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher, health food store – Dr. Earth and many more all on the same street and tons of cute little shops to stop into for novelties and cards.

    LA – Especially Fullerton’s Green Bliss Cafe – delicious fare and many many many vegan options.

    New York – Hello, Babycakes!

  93. Brynn

    Denver, Berlin, Sarajevo

  94. M.E. Rolle

    London, Florence, and New York. ❤️

  95. Mel

    New York, San Francisco, Northampton MA

  96. Ashley Chew

    Portland, New York, Seattle

  97. karyn goldman

    portland, NYC and San Francisco

  98. Amanda

    NYC, PDX, and Austin

  99. Rob

    Philly, DC and Toronto.

  100. Morgan

    Seattle, Portland, OR, and New York! I live in Philadelphia, so that’s my fourth favorite!

  101. Emily

    Chicago, New York, LA

  102. LaReine

    LA Cali, Portland, NY NY

  103. Catherine

    New York, London, Galway

  104. My favorites are:

    1) Los Angeles
    2) Stockholm
    3) Copenhagen


  105. Jennifer smith

    San Francisco, New York, and Oregon

  106. tammy

    London! New York City! Chicago!

  107. Well, Portland for sure! Then San Francisco…. I’m not sure who comes in third for me. I guess Austin!

  108. Carly Bogen

    New York is of course so high on this list. Chicago is next, and then Seattle!

  109. I love to visit New Zealand. I’ve been all over the north island, so I need to make it back to explore the South Island.

  110. Emily

    vegan friendly cities? portland, DUH! both oregon and maine! and nyc is also very vegan friendly. and i can’t leave out my own college town of beautiful burlington, vt!

  111. angela

    my faves
    osaka, japan
    san fran

  112. Jessica

    Santa Cruz, CA
    Portland, OR
    Torrance, CA

  113. Meghan

    Pittsburgh, DC, Boston

  114. Katie

    New York, San Francisco, Portland.

  115. Kayla

    GAH! I don’t know yet D:! I know I want to visit Portland… and LA… and New York!

  116. Madeline

    New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Tel Aviv, Israel.

  117. B Soliz

    Salt Lake City UT!!! Great vegan finds downtown :)

  118. Jessica Griner

    I haven’t had the pleasure of traveling the world outside of my dreams… But the top three cities I’ve experienced are Tampa and Orlando, Florida (convenient for me since I live in between them), and NYC (I mean, there’s a kosher vegan Chinese restaurant there!).

  119. Elena

    Orlando, FL; New York, NY; Prague, Czech Republic

  120. Jess Jones

    Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver are absolutely my favorite cities right now.

  121. Cody K.

    Portland, San Fran & NYC ~ woot woot :))

  122. Shelby Martin

    Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; Vancouver, BC

  123. Kate M

    Chicago, New York, Berlin!!

  124. Yevgeniya

    New York

  125. mj

    boulder, co
    jerusalem, IL
    dallas, tx

  126. Jessica

    Portland, Toronto, Seattle

  127. kelly

    edinburgh, nyc, portland

  128. Jessa

    New York (home!), London and, although I can’t vouch for overall vegan friendliness, I ate really well in Orlando!

  129. Katie

    The best vegan friendly cities: Portland (OR), NYC, San Francisco.

  130. Linnette Diaz

    San Francisco, Portland and Texas :-)

  131. Ash

    Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin!!

  132. San Francisco, California, USA
    Burlington, Ontario, Canada
    Vancouver, British Cloumbia, Canada

  133. Tina.

    Austin, TX; New York City; San Francisco, CA.

  134. Lisa

    I love Philadelphia–it’s actually quite a foodie city! I’ve also had lunch in (obviously) Portland, and then in Chicago as well!

  135. Megan

    I am new to being vegan. So far it agrees with me.

  136. Lissy

    Haven’t really traveled but from what i heard the 3 veg cities id love “to go to” are portland, nyc, and Oakland

  137. Amy

    Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento.

  138. Lauren B

    Portland, Or
    Wellington, NZ
    San Francisco, CA

  139. Olivia

    My favorite vegan friendly places! I am absolutely in love with New York. I haven’t been to many vegan friendly places because I live with a bunch of omnivores!

  140. TLR

    NYC, San Fran and Burlington

  141. Portland, San Diego, NYC.

  142. Melissa Centoni

    New York City, Seattle, LA

  143. Liz

    Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver

  144. Maureen wright

    Chicago, Philly (cheese steaks! ) and NYC.

  145. sara

    NY, Portland, DC

  146. emdi

    Philadelphia, where I’m lucky to live since becoming vegan, Berlin, and Portland (from what I hear/see…although I haven’t been yet)!

  147. Nancy

    New York, Philadelphia and I would love to visit Portland!!

  148. Jennifer

    NYC, Austin, San Fran!!!!

  149. Michelle Rondeau

    New York, Montreal, and Toronto! But my little Winnipeg is doing pretty ok, too! :)

  150. Amber

    Vancouver, Portland and NYC.

  151. Rachelle

    Boulder, Co!

  152. Sonia

    NYC, Portland OR, Austin TX!

  153. Sneaky Burrito

    *Rome, Italy (because there is nearly always something to choose with pasta and tomatoes)

    *Paris, France (good tofu at Chinese restaurants and tour groups don’t bat an eye when you make a special meal request)

    *Atlanta, GA (because I live here and have discovered a number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants)

  154. Kim Siegel

    The three favorite vegan friendly cities that I have visited are:
    1) Berlin
    2) New York City
    3) Tel Aviv

    Runner up: LA, but I have not been back there since my pre-vegan days..

  155. Pearl

    Tokyo. San Francisco. New York. Taipei!

  156. Vanessa b

    NewYork, San Francisco and Los Angeles so for, but I have such wanderlust! I have been reading about all the wonderful places to explore. I keep buying lotto tickets!

  157. Casey

    Asheville, NC; Athens, GA; Portland, OR

  158. Valerie

    My 3 favorite Vegan friendly cities (that I have been to) are: Albuquerque, NM; Vancouver, BC; Colorado Springs, CO!! :)

  159. Tee Jefferson

    New Jersey(Elevation Burger), DC (Kephra’s), Baltimore (Land of Kush & Grind House)

  160. Alicia Trigeiro

    Los Angeles, Berkeley, and San Francisco!

  161. Jasmine

    Philly, SF, + NYC of courseee!!!! Vegan Power!

  162. Wendy

    Toronto, Montreal, Portland

  163. Kelly C

    The dream would be to visit Portland, San Francisco and New York!

  164. Kiran

    Sf, berkeley, boston

  165. Lisa

    I am a new vegan, so I haven’t really travelled as a vegan, yet, but I want to go to San Francisco and Seattle as a vegan, and I am going to Dublin in June and I see at least one person listed that up there, so I hope it is a good vegan destination!

  166. hannah

    Barcelona, Spain
    Ghent, Belgium
    London, England

  167. Kathryn H

    NOLA, Phoenix, Austin

  168. angel

    Portland OR, Boulder CO, Ithaca NY

  169. Cynthia

    I have not had the opportunity to travel to the west coast so…..New York City! They have this vegan korean place that is really awesome, plus vegetarian paradise and zen palate. Boston is pretty good too with vegan asian places and non dairy icecream. Finally Philly–tofu hoagies are delicious and theres even a vegan dim sum place :)

  170. New York City, Portland, and Vancouver! :D

  171. Lindsay

    Glasgow (Scotland), San Francisco, CA (USA), and St. Paul, MN (USA)

  172. Jen

    Portland, OR!!

  173. Emma

    Wow, this looks neat!

  174. Anne Snider

    Wow, I had no idea. Amazing! Traveled to Nebraska last year. Very veg friendly and this is a vegan gal from Michigan, Arizona, and Colorado. :)

  175. Brittney

    1. Seattle
    2. Portland
    3. San Francisco

  176. Vegan nom-nomz …
    – London, England
    – Atlanta, Georgia
    – Akron / Cleveland, Ohio

  177. Bea

    I live in northern Norway, so pretty much anywhere with vegan food/goodies is like vegan heaven to me.. But I especially love L.A, London and Paris <3

  178. Lindsay

    My favorites are Glasgow, San Fran, and St. Paul, MN

  179. Beth

    NYC, New Orleans, Portland

  180. Gavriel

    1) Boulder, CO
    2) Portland, Oregan
    3) Chicago

  181. Leah

    Edinburgh Scotland, Madison, WIS, USA, and New Orleans, LA, USA (not sure how vegan friendly it is but I’m going soon and have been hunting down options.)

  182. Angela B.

    Portland, Seattle, and Austin. Though my sample size is kind of limited. Haven’t been abroad much. :P

  183. Nelly

    Montreal, Montreal and Montreal !

  184. Eric

    Portland, Santa Monica and Madison, WI

  185. Cat

    Just had delicious falafel in Jerusalem.

  186. Hayleigh

    Portland, NYC, and San Francisco

  187. Theona

    Portland, San Francisco, Seattle

  188. Austin, TX. Oakland, CA. And I’m not sure where else, I am still exploring! :)

  189. Suzanne

    New York City hands down is the best vegan city in the universe but I also love Portland & Asbury Park, NJ.

  190. Anne Snider

    Wow, I had no idea. Amazing! Last year visited Nebraska. VERY veg friendly. This is from a Michigan, Arizona, Colorado vegan gal. Toronto as well. :)

  191. heather

    Oregon, Arizona, California.

  192. Clara

    Oakville, Toronto, NYC

  193. Jeff

    NYC must have the most options. Per capita, I would guess Portland is up there if not in first. Philly has lots of great options too, and Vedge is absolutely to die for. Can’t wait to go back.

  194. Lisa

    Dublin, San Francisco, and New York City

  195. Kelly C

    Portland, San Francisco and NY would be my dream!

  196. Kelsie Brooks

    My favorite vegan friendly cities are NYC, Chicago and LA

  197. Melanie

    NYC (but I live there…..but that doesn’t mean I can’t vacation there)
    Los Angeles

  198. Danielle

    Austin, Los Angelos, and New York. I wanna include my home city Atlanta, but I think we could step it up on the creativity rivaled in the cities I listed.

  199. Mary L

    SF Bay Area, LA, Portland

  200. Lauren

    I can’t wait to travel the world to the vegan friendly cities. I would love to visit new york, los angeles, and portland.

  201. sarah berry

    New Orleans, Austin and Seattle!

  202. Marcus

    My favorite vegan cities are Paris, New York and San Francisco.

  203. Sam

    Nyc, Portland, New Haven

  204. I haven’t travelled a lot, but Portland looks like vegan Mecca. :) I’ve been to Las Vegas and it was so easy to find vegan eats. Other than that, my hometown Edmonton has a ton of options which I’m so grateful for.

  205. Austin, Portland, New York City

  206. Katie

    Salzburg, Heart of Joy Cafe

  207. Morgan

    Asheville, NC, San Francisco, CA, and Milwaukee, WI.

  208. Kate

    San Francisco
    Dublin, Ireland

  209. Megan

    NYC, San Fran and DC

  210. Marcus

    My favorite vegan cities are Paris, New York and my home…San Francisco.

  211. Worchester Ma, Seattle, wa Boston Ma

  212. Elizabeth

    Portland, Seattle, Boulder

  213. Ali

    Los Angeles, CA
    Amherst, MA
    Northampton, MA

  214. Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and NYC are all great vegan-friendly cities. I’m in DC now and almost all pizza places offer Daiya for vegan pizzas!

  215. Renee

    New York, boston, LA

  216. Emily

    I’m not sure I’ve been to enough cities to pick three just yet, but I love New York and Toronto.

  217. Liz

    My three favorite veg-friendly cities are:

    1. Portland, OR
    2. London, UK
    3. New Orleans, LA

  218. Portland OR. London UK. Berlin of course.

  219. Portland (duh), NYC, and Philly!!

  220. Kristen

    NYC, DC, Portland.

  221. Amelia H

    My top three would be Boston, Philly, and Vienna, Austria! The new vegan ice cream shop in Vienna is adorable and the ice cream is sooo good!

  222. April

    San Diego, San Francisco, Austin

  223. Kelsey

    Portland, OR Number 1 for voodoo donuts!
    San Francisco, CA for Millennium!
    Ghent, Belgium for vegan buffets!

  224. Gaby

    Haven’t traveled much as a vegan…mostly make my own food, but Los Angeles (home) is growing more vegan-friendly every day.

  225. Stephanie

    calgary, vancouver, ottawa

  226. Ashley Kiefer

    3 Favorite Vegan Cities:

    Chicago IL: Places like Karen’s Cooked, Karen’s Raw, Chicago Diner, etc…. You can get an amazing meal anywhere in town.

    Louisville KY: I was very surprised to find so many amazing vegan options in this city! They have a really great vegan community with lots of options at many places.

    Urbana IL: Between their local vegan community, the Common Ground Food Co-op, and their great Farmer’s Market this town has you covered.

  227. stephanie cress

    Fort Collins, Co, Denver and Berlin!

  228. London
    Los Angeles
    New York City

    Hopefully getting to Berlin soon!

  229. Philly, New York City and a small town a few minutes away from me (they have, like, 3 vegan restaurants!)

  230. Rachel

    I’ve always wanted to visit Berlin!

  231. KimberlyM

    I’ve had great luck being a vegan in Portland, Oregon, Boulder, Colorado and London.

  232. Tara

    I haven’t been a vegan long but I hear that Portland, Boulder, and San Francisco are vegan-friendly! Milwaukee tries, but is a bit behind the times.

  233. Cédrik Chouinard

    Québec City

  234. Rachel

    Oops! I hit submit too fast. Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, and Missoula!!

  235. David

    San Francisco

  236. Amy Kolasa

    New York, NY; Portland, OR; Oakland, CA. I’m ready to travel!

  237. NYC, Seattle, & Portland, OR

  238. sbcuper

    Chiang Mai Thailand for amazing salads and drinks, San Fran for kale salads on every corner and Dublin Ireland for lots of yum vegan soups to be enjoyed on the grey rainy days!

  239. Alyssa

    have not been to many place & the small town where I live does not cater to vegetarians at all. But am hoping to someday be able to travel & explore all there is out there beyond arizona

  240. Monica

    Portland, OR
    San Francisco, CA
    and LA? Haha I have no idea where else

  241. Portland, OR; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA

  242. Luciana

    San Francisco, Toronto, and London!

  243. Laura

    Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago

  244. Since it hasn’t been easy finding vegan friendly restaurants in the various places I’ve traveled (i.e. Hong Kong), I’ve usually prepared my own food purchased at grocery stores and that usually meant buying fresh veggies. BUT, I recently had a blast at almost ALL of the vegan eateries in Montreal and I LOVED doing the big vegan stops in San Francisco. I’d LOVE to go to Portland — it looks like a vegan’s dream!!! While I was in Berlin, I did the grocery store thing, but totally didn’t notice the items that appear to be in this box. I’m so curious to see what is new since then =-) =-)

  245. elissa

    Wow, looks great!

  246. Emily

    NYC, Boston, and Berlin

  247. Geneviève

    NYC, Burlington, VT, and Richmond, VA

  248. Lori

    Krawkow, Poland
    New York City
    Dublin Ireland

  249. I’d have to say my city—Philadelphia—is pretty great for vegans. My other favorites are NYC and Chicago.

  250. Debra Brownstein

    San Francisco, L.A. And Boulder!

  251. Joanna D

    Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia

  252. Brooke T

    New York, Portland, OR and LA!

    Thanks for such a cool post and a great giveaway!!!

  253. Jenna McKay

    I would love to go to Berlin! Europe has always been a dream vacation for me. Vegan goodies are the next best thing.

  254. federico

    nyc and Austin!

  255. Rachael

    Portland, OR; Vancouver BC; and, well I don’t really have a third, but I will pick Auburn AL because I found tons of vegan things at Earth Faire and got tempeh and daiya on my pizza at Mellow Mushroom, and I couldn’t have been happier to be eating these things in Alabama (I didn’t even have to eat through all of my McDougall ramen cups!).

  256. sara b

    Chiang Mai, Thailand for amazing salads, San Fran for kale salads at every corner and Dublin Ireland for yum warming vegan soups to be enjoyed on those grey rainy days!

  257. Trina

    Tempe/Phoenix area, Arizona
    New York
    San Francisco

  258. Love NYC, DC, and Denver. Asheville, NC and York, PA round out my top 5.

  259. Lauren


  260. San Diego (CA), Cave Creek (AZ), and LA/Orange County (CA) provide amazing vegan and raw options.

  261. Jennifer

    Berlin, London (as a vegan) and Paris (as a vegan)

  262. Victoria

    Berlin, Philadelphia, and Florence!

  263. Joanna

    NYC has great vegan fares! But it would be great if they can cover an Asian city, see what’s over there.

  264. Lizzie

    Amsterdam, Minneapolis, Memphis (yes, really!).

  265. Marsha estefan

    Austin, Houston and Berlin of course!!!

  266. Kylie P

    SLC (it’s where I’m from, I gotta be proud!), Boulder Co, and San Diego!!! I haven’t traveled a bunch but I hope one day to make this list 5X as long. :)

  267. Colleen

    I haven’t done any vegan exploration outside of my home town. I hope to get to soon!

  268. Juan Ortega

    New York, London, Houston

  269. Beth

    New York (multiple vegan dim sum restaurants!), Seattle, and Portland, OR (and lucky for me, it’s home).

  270. Victoria

    Berlin, Philadelphia, and Paris!

  271. Kathy

    NYC, San Francisco and Northampton, MA

  272. Dani

    Austin, Dallas, NY!

  273. Kristy

    My 3 favorite vegan cities are L.A. , San Francisco and surprisingly, Tokyo!

  274. Katie

    More of a, “where I want to go” situation= Berlin! Portland! Chicago! San Fran! :3

  275. Annie

    New York, D.C., California

  276. Sheridan

    San Fransico, Korea, Nuremburg Germany. I would really like to experience to the vegan scene in India and Thailand. Fingers crossed I get to one day!!!

  277. Carrie

    Loved the video of Berlin. Looking forward to traveling Europe and unearthing all the great vegan fare. First stops, Germany, France, Belgium and Italy.

  278. Michelle

    New York, Chicago and Portland!

  279. Sandra

    Seattle, WA
    New York, NY
    Mannheim, Germany

  280. Allison

    I haven’t traveled much since becoming a vegan, but Burlington, VT, close to me is great. LA was pretty incredible, too. Next stop-Paris!!

  281. Colleen

    Haven’t explored vegan foods outside my home town, but I can’t wait to!

  282. Sarah

    I’d love to go to Croatia, the himalayan mountains, and new zealand!

  283. Simon

    Chicago, IL
    Columbus, Ohio :)

  284. Amy

    Milwaukee, WI, NYC and LA

  285. Amy

    Milwaukee, WI

  286. Portland, Chicago, and New York! <3

  287. Lynette

    NYC, Portland, Or, and Seattle.

  288. jody w

    Seattle, New York, and Providence Ri

  289. Worcester, MA!!! Northampton, MA! and Boston are all my favs!

  290. Angela

    My fav vegan cities so far are: Philadelphia, New York & London.

  291. Crystal

    These are my top 3 vegan destination cities:


  292. Liz

    Vegan in Berlin!! Yum!!!
    My fave Vegan cities?!: Vancouver, BC, Edmonton, AB, Toronto, ON

  293. Dan

    I’m new to being vegan! pick me! :)

  294. Sara MM

    I love Asheville,NC, next comes NYC/Brooklyn (missing MOB), and last would be Portland, OR.

  295. NYC, Portland & Chicago!

  296. Erin H

    NYC, Austin, most places in CA

  297. Olyvia

    Love this!

  298. Mandy

    I don’t get out much, but Portland, OR is number one on my list.

  299. Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway! LA, Paris, NYC!

  300. Leah

    Barcelona, Spain is suprisingly vegan friendly.
    New York City is unsuprisingly vegan friendly.
    And San Francisco, of course.

  301. danielle

    portland oregon, atlanta, new york

  302. Karen L

    Seattle, DC, London

  303. Trina M

    Austin, Portland and Berlin :)

  304. Kathryn

    I love LA, Portland, and San Francisco. But I’d love to go to Berlin someday. ;P

  305. Rita

    Don’t travel much, but I’d expect awesome vegan eats in Portland (OR), San Francisco, and NYC

  306. Victoria

    Chicago, San Francisco, Madison, WI

  307. Julia

    portland, seattle, DC

  308. Looks like a great time in Berlin, it’s also one of my fav vegan cities. :o)
    Berlin, Bangkok, Portland!

  309. Amanda

    New York

  310. martie

    Chicago, LA, NY

  311. Deborah H

    Munich (my favorite!), Florence, and Barcelona! I would sooooo love to win this awesome giveaway!!!

  312. Raven W.

    This is so cool! I’ve always wanted to go to Berlin!

  313. Melissa

    NYC, Boston, and Portland, ME

  314. valerie

    Chicago, San Fran and NYC

  315. Heather

    Seattle, Portland, San Francisco

  316. Ariel

    Tel Aviv, Barcelona, London

  317. mary

    I suppose New York, San Francisco, and probably Boulder

  318. Krista

    Chicago, D.C., and New York

  319. San Francisco, Vancouver, BC, Portland, OR

  320. Deborah

    If we don’t win this awesome snack box are we able to buy it? I would totally buy this one, especially if there was something from Viana in it! Favorite cities: Salzburg, Rome and Chicago :)

  321. Lauren

    NYC, London, Chicago

  322. Lindsay

    San Francisco, New York, LA

  323. Caroline

    I’ve really only been to NYC…. so nyc, nyc, and nyc :)

  324. Fanny

    NYC, DC, San Francisco

  325. Angela

    NYC, Portland, and Austin

  326. Rebeca

    North Hampton MA, Boston MA, Denver CO

  327. Jade M.

    Athens, Georgia
    New York City, New York
    Seattle, Washington

  328. Emily

    New York definitely, Portland OR (although i’ve not yet been able to get there, always hearing awesome things. And I can’t think of another one! I would love to go to Germany though, so it’s awesome that Berlin has such a cool vegan scene

  329. Dawn A

    New York, Burlington, VT and Hilton Head, SC!

  330. ML

    New York, San Francisco, San Diego

  331. Diane

    San Diego, Boston, NYC!

  332. Anna

    Aw, so many great things from home! <3

  333. Tamra

    My fave three cities are Chicago, Denver, and Schaumburg

  334. Stacy

    Olympia, WA & Portland, OR & East Bay, CA

  335. Kimberly

    Philly, Bmore, DC (the only 3 I know)

  336. Carina M.

    Miami for sure, which is my hometown. New York City and Gainesville.

  337. Seattle, Portland and Vancouver BC

  338. Berlin is vegan Nirvana! I love Berlin. One big vegan family!!

  339. Jordan

    New York, LA, and SF!

  340. Jessica

    Vancouver, Portland, NYC

  341. Linda Gabrilo

    Portland, Oregon; Los Angeles, California; and wishing something in Park Ridge, Illinois!!!

  342. Linda Gabrilo

    Portland, Oregon; Los Angeles, California; and wishing for more in Park Ridge, Illinois!!!

  343. Kari S.

    New York City, New Haven, Philadelphia

  344. New York, Chicago & Munich

  345. Hope

    New York, San Francisco, Portland

  346. Kelsey

    Los Angeles, San Fran, Portland

  347. Cristina

    San Francisco, Portland, Boulder

  348. Sam

    My home city, Campbell River. I am also gluten free and the restaurants here are very understanding of my allergies/needs.
    If I ever get the chance to go to New York, I’d choose there, but I’ll go with Nanaimo.

  349. Salt Lake City (they also are RAW vegan friendly!!), Portland, and Knoxville

  350. Lindsey

    Portland, Seattle & New York!

  351. andrea

    Salt Lake City, Los Angeles- specifically Canoga Park, and San Diego

  352. Caity

    Portland, San Francisco, and LA (I don’t get to leave the left coast very often…)

  353. Arya

    Vancouver, Seattle, and toronto!

  354. I just became vegan only just almost one year ago so I would have to say Columbus, Ohio, Anchorage, AK and Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands

  355. Michelle Crisp

    Unfortunately, I haven’t traveled enough since I’ve been vegan to be able to answer that question. I hear New York is AMAZING for vegan options, though. Someday I hope to experience them all : ) Also, I’m anxious to visit Portland and Austin.

  356. Juanita Ortiz-Irwin

    San Francisco, Portland, and Chicago. I haven’t traveled all that much.

  357. Victoria Francis

    Paris, Venice, Rome

  358. Stefanie

    Las Vegas, NV, Detroit, MI, Worcester, MA

  359. Christi tinninis

    Chicago :))
    NYC ::)))
    Seattle :))))
    This package looks AMAZING!!! So Jealous!!! xoxo

  360. Sarah

    San Diego and LA. I look forward to a time that I am able to travel to other well regarded vegan cities!

  361. Houston, NYC and Paris!

  362. Laura K

    I never get to go anywhere :-( But I’ve read about all the great vegan eats in New York, Seatle, and Berlin; I am hopefully and finally going to German in sometime this year and I am going to beg, steal, or borrow a way to get to Berlin (well, maybe not steal, lol)

  363. jennifer

    philadelphia, providence, new york

  364. Jesse

    NYC, Austin, and San Fran!

  365. Sarah

    Portland, San Francisco, & L.A. :-)

  366. Angied

    Favorite vegan-friendly cities:

    Kerala, India
    San Francisco

  367. Portland, Los Angeles, NYC.

  368. Sarah Allen

    New York, Philadelphia, and Portland

  369. Kat

    My favorite vegan-friendly cities (that I have visited) are Portland, Austin and Seattle – though we found some great options in Vancouver BC too. Looking forward to discovering more vegan-friendly places around the world – Berlin is definitely on the list! :D Love the video!!

  370. I haven’t been to too many vegan friendly cities so I’m going to go with counties
    Orange county and los angeles county in california are a mecca for vegans

  371. Christa Lopez

    New York City, Baltimore Maryland and Washington D.C.!

  372. Missy

    Toronto, New York, and Boston

  373. Shana

    3 fave vegan cities–New York, Seattle, Los Angeles

  374. Abbie

    I’m going to have to say… Paris, Philly and Portland, Oregon! I found vegan friendly Korean, Japanese, Indian and French cuisine in the City of Lights and I’d go back in a heartbeat! Philly is in my home state, so I’ve gotta show so love and I mean, Portland, it’s obvious that they are Vegan Mecca!

  375. Meg

    My top three cities for vegan noms? Los Angeles, London and Vancouver, B.C.

  376. Crystal

    Asheville, NC. Seattle, WA and of course vegan Mecca Portland , OR

  377. Letitia

    Portland SF Seattle. from YVR but we have to try a bit harder!

  378. Charissa

    New York, Chicago, Minneapolis (I haven’t been to Portland yet, but I’m sure that will be on there after I visit).

  379. Jordan H

    I haven’t really been many places, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago

  380. Fred Kalt

    Seattle, Portland and New York

  381. Sara

    1.Oklahoma City
    2.New York
    3.San Deigo

  382. Sandra B

    I love hearing about the great things to eat in other places!

  383. Mandy

    Glasgow, Berlin, & Portland, Oregon….never been to any of these, but that is what I have read! :o)

  384. Jennifer Starrett

    Boulder, San Diego and Boston!

  385. Gwen

    Berlin, Portland, Santa Cruz

  386. Denene

    New York, Seattle, Philadelphia.

  387. Hannah Webber

    Unfortunately I live in the south, in a state that doesn’t show much support to us vegans compared to most others… Soo I could really use the snacks to make life much easier!! Wink Wink (I live in Little Rock, AR by the way.)

    I haven’t been able to travel much lately, but some smaller towns that have surprised me with great options for vegans would have to be: Bay City, MI & Eureka Springs, AR. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard that Boulder, CO is great too!

  388. Kati W

    New York, Portland, and London

  389. Vanessa

    I’m sorry, I’m biased as I live in Ithaca, NY, SO, NY, NY, NY for all three!!! :)

  390. Kara

    San Francisco!
    Los Angeles!

  391. Libby M

    Portland and Austin so far, still waiting to travel to more!

  392. Austin, San Francisco and NY

  393. Leann

    Philly..haven’t gotten to really explore others yet

  394. Stacy

    Seattle, New York, and Chicago

  395. Brittany McGlone

    New York, Portland OR, San Fran.

  396. Portland, Berlin, London <3 Thanks for the contest, everyone!

  397. Kirsti

    Portland, Portland, and Portland. And LA

  398. Emily

    Philadelphia, Austin, New York

  399. Kelsey

    NYC, Portland (though I’ve never been), and San Fran

  400. London, Green Bay, quebec, Salzburg, janesville. Would love to win this box!

  401. Janet

    Portland, Munich, and NYC!

  402. Racheal

    New York



  403. J Foo

    San Francisco, Tokyo, London

  404. Joy

    San Antonio, Austin & now Berlin!

  405. My favorite places to have yum!!!Vegan food and goodies are.My home state has two actually Portland,Eugene.And last but not least Austin.Thanks

  406. Vanessa C

    New York City, San Francisco, Chicago

  407. Bruna Mayer

    London, New York, Berlin

  408. Los Angeles, New York, Portland :)

  409. Pamela

    1) Los Angeles
    2) Frankfurt
    3) Sydney

  410. Antonia

    That’s rough because I haven’t been much of a traveler. I guess I would say New York, Philly and California

  411. Wendy

    Boston, NY and DC!! :) :)

  412. Cydni

    My favorites are San Francisco, NYC and Portland. Would love to see what Berlin has to offer!

  413. Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland

  414. Emily

    San Francisco, Portland, OR, and London

  415. Amber

    Great giveaway! New York, Seattle, Portland

  416. Candy

    My fave vegan cities have to be Kyoto, Seattle, and Portland.

  417. Terri David

    Cuenca, Ecuador
    Asheville, NC
    New York City

  418. Jamie

    right now I really love Seattle, Santa Cruz, and Berkeley

  419. Courtney

    Buffalo, LA, Cleveland!

  420. Peewalk

    NY , Philly , San Francisco

  421. Taylor

    Austin, Portland, and SF! Chicago and Philly are the next places I want to visit!

  422. gaby

    Houston! Because I live here and it is surprisingly vegan friendly. I love new york, and Portland is on my bucket list but I can only imagine how much I will eat there!

  423. Ed

    DC, Seattle, and My-amee baby!

  424. Ashlee

    Kansas City

  425. Paula

    San Francisco, New York, & Portland!

  426. Ashley


  427. VeggieBuilder

    Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland

  428. Carrie

    Toronto, Philadelphia & NYC – I can’t wait to travel & discover more!

  429. Karen

    New York, San Francisco, Portland OR

  430. NYC, Philadelphia, and does Disney World count?

  431. Doreen

    I love San Francisco and LA. New York. I live in Fl they have a few good places here wish there were more!!!

  432. Randa

    Portland, Portland, and Seattle.

  433. Chelsea Smith

    I’ve had my eye on Chicago for a few months, I’m dying to go to Upton’s Breakroom!

  434. Kat S

    LA, Las Vegas, and Chicago.

  435. Amy B

    Portland Or, San Francisco, Northampton MA!

  436. Caron

    I haven’t had the opportunity to travel since going vegan, but I look forward to traveling the world and fining out which cities have amazing food. I know I’ll do alright any place that’s tropical… I think I could live off mango and coconut!

  437. Nasha

    Portland, OR, NYC, Miami, FL

  438. Michelle Fleming

    Portland, Oregon, USA
    Glasgow, UK
    Stockholm, Sweden

  439. Shannon Lee

    Seattle, Portland, OR, and SF.

  440. Catherine

    Always wanting to try vegan treats from other countries. Yum.

  441. Lisa

    Berkeley, Portland, Santa Cruz

  442. Debra Gaswint

    San Francisco, San Diego, and Munich!

  443. Meghan

    Portland, Or

  444. Debra Gaswint

    San Francisco, San Diego, and Munich, Germany!

  445. I always want to travel and eat vegan treats! But I think my favorites right now are just Boston, NYC, and Providence…

  446. Cyri T

    Ashland, OR, Mukilteo, WA, and Brooklyn, NY.

  447. Kayla T

    Austin, Las Vegas, and New York City!!

  448. Courtney

    My favorites are Los Angeles (where I live), San Francisco, and Munich.

  449. denise

    Haven’t gotten to travel a lot as a vegan, but I love LA and London, and hope to get to Portland and NYC and the rest of the world. Love to travel but haven’t been able to much.

    Also Phoenix is very vegan-friendly, keep an eye out for us, world!

  450. Taya

    Seattle, Munich and NYC!

  451. Venus

    Three vegan friendly cities: Portland, Seattle and San Francisco.

  452. Joyce Lilly

    San Francisco, NYC, Portland

  453. Kathryn

    Paris and Québec (any city that is not explicitly ‘vegan hating’ can be vegan friendly).

  454. Austin, TX
    London, UK
    Edinburgh, UK

  455. This sounds like a great box. I hope to get to try some of these items.

  456. Becky Cramer

    seattle, portland, victoria bc

  457. Melissa

    Favourite cities for Vegan Food: Cambridge, MA, Portland, OR, and Los Angeles, CA.

  458. Nicole

    Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York

  459. Lauren

    Seattle, Portland, San Francisco

  460. Ariela

    New York City
    Los Angeles

  461. Paula

    New York, Seattle, LA

  462. Todd

    Sure could use this!

  463. Ellie

    London, Stuttgart & Manchester. Finding a vegan-only shop in Stuttgart is my favourite vegan find yet!!

  464. Christina Garrett

    Atlanta, London, New York

  465. Natalie

    Charlotte & Asheville NC and though I’ve never been, I would love to go to Portland! I hear it’s great.

  466. Jessica Lewis

    I would love to visit: Seattle, NYC and LA but haven’t had the luxury to do so yet :) Charleston, SC where I’m from has some vegan friendly places though

  467. Cheryl Shields

    Asheville, Kansas City, and Austin

  468. Brighton, Brighton and Brighton!!! Living in the UK it can be difficult to find great places to eat vegan and to find vegan produce. Brighton is THE place to go. It’s so fabulous to have a great choice of vegan eateries.

  469. Angie

    Portland, Oregon
    Seattle, WA

  470. TRACY

    Honolulu, Portland, Singapore City

  471. Susan M

    Dublin, London, Boulder CO.

  472. New York, London, Las Vegas

  473. Melissa

    Louisville (because I haven’t been outside of there since going vegan, but I’m thrilled with all the veg-friendly options we have!).

  474. Sabine

    Hamburg, Germany
    London, UK
    Los Angeles, USA

  475. Robert Karz

    Nice to see Vegan Cuts doing a contest… Not that it’s likely, but I hope I win one of the boxes!

  476. Nicole

    I would love to win this and see what other countries are offering vegans!

  477. Kristyn

    New York, Chicago, Portland

  478. Natalia

    New York, Asheville and Boston, as in the greater Boston area :-) so many good vegan eats!!!

  479. Andy P.

    Chicago, San Francisco, Protland

  480. Sarah

    Portland, Barcelona, and Copenhagen. (Copenhagen still has a ways to go, but it’s getting much better!)

  481. deepesh patel

    chicago, SF, denver

  482. Nicole

    Portland, OR and London, England for sure. In most other places, I have had some difficulty. Surprisingly, Ireland was one of the hardest :(

  483. Emily

    Philadelphia, Austin, NYC!

  484. Amy

    Portland, Seattle and NYC!

  485. Aiyana

    I haven’t traveled much at all, but I’d have to say NYC, Durham (North Carolina), and Tokyo!

  486. Becca

    Carins, Los Angeles, and New York!

  487. turtle

    Portland, Vancouver, New York

  488. Sarah

    Ann Arbor (MI), LA, Asheville (NC)

  489. Wendy Vernon

    I don’t know of 3 cities that are vegan friendly because I am pretty new to this vegan thang!

  490. Manuela

    Monterey, Colorado Springs and Wuerzburg, Germany. I’m originally from Germany and would love a box of German goodies. Too bad you can’t bring or ship soygurt. The Alpro brand in Germany has the best and creamiest soy yogurt.

  491. lynn

    New haven, new york, portland

  492. Candice Rosenbaum

    This looks great

  493. Joni S

    My three favorites Philly, New York and Portland

  494. Los Angeles, Portland, and Chicago!

  495. Devin

    This would be so wonderful to win! I love Germany, and have a large part of my family that are German.

  496. Evelyn Hansen

    Portland, San Fran, and of course, CHICAGO!

  497. Christy

    New York City, Philadelphia, and London :)

  498. Esmeralda

    My top 3 fav vegan-friendly cities are Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles! :)

  499. Marie Muckey

    New York, Portland and Vancouver

  500. lindsey

    Live in chicago, lots and lots of options.
    New york, of course
    Lima, peru was amazing to be vegan.
    fresh and local food

  501. Celine

    Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria

  502. Lisa Fink

    When I was in Berlin our condo was right around the corner from Veganz. The best store ever and the best vegan chocolate cookies I’ve ever had.

  503. Amanda

    The three cities I would love to travel to, to try the food is Seattle, WA, Portland,OR and NYC or L.A.

  504. Ryan Maher

    Worcester, Boston, Providence

  505. Emily

    Portland, New York and Toronto!

  506. Megan

    Toronto, London, New York!

  507. Megan

    New York, Toronto, London

  508. Anita

    My three favorite cities for vegan food. Hmm. San Diego. San Francisco. Berkeley.

  509. Ana

    Denver, New York, Chicago.

  510. Elley

    Montreal, Glasgow and Berlin

  511. Jordan

    DC, New York, Seattle

  512. Kristina

    Favorite vegan cities are Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle. :)

  513. Delhi, Minneapolis, Seattle

  514. Delhi, Minneapolis, and Seattle

  515. Elizabeth Handler

    Syracuse, NY, Ithaca, NY and Baltimore.

  516. milaxx

    New York, London and Philadelphia

  517. Seattle, Spokane, Portland

  518. BKTaylor

    Raleigh NC, Toronto CAN, still searching for the third one :)

  519. Carmen

    Berlin, Berlin, Berlin. OK, maybe Chicago and London too :)

  520. Sam Bleuel

    I hope I win! I’m crazy about Germany and am still trying to make the switch from vegetarian to vegan so this would be amazing! :)

    I don’t really know of *vegan* cities but I live near LA where the vegan stuff is plentiful and it’s amazing! Vegan pizza places, vegetarian markets, loveeee!

  521. Shaundra

    Los Angeles / Denver / Minneapolis

  522. Kelly

    Philadelphia. NYC. Portland, Oregon

  523. Yocaret

    1. New York City
    2. Portland, Oregon
    3. Northampton, Massachusetts

  524. Donna

    Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; and Los Angeles, California

  525. Carol Plowman

    I would love to try this Berlin package.

  526. Amy

    Would be very happy to win

  527. Amy

    Daylesford, Preston, Brunswick

  528. Terri Cole

    I don’t travel much, but I do okay in my current hometown, Cincinnati. My daughter lives in Athens, OH and that is a very vegan-friendly town. Louisville, KY, where I was born is a surprisingly easy place to be vegan.

  529. Julie

    I haven’t travelled very far….

    1. Vancouver
    2. Toronto
    3. Montreal

    Not necessarily in that order!

  530. Stephanie G

    My 3 faves are:


  531. Laryssa

    New York City
    Los Angeles

  532. Grace

    San Francisco

  533. Sagar

    1. Portland, Oregon*
    2. Boulder, Colorado
    3. Austin, Texas

    *Vegan biscuits and gravy @ Back to Eden Bakery in Portland, OR have not been topped; when a city can do vegan biscuits and gravy like Portland, this list is subject to change.

  534. Aimee

    I would love to find new favorites, but for now they are Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, D.C.!

  535. Grace Irelan


  536. Christine

    NYC, L.A., & Berlin!

  537. Grace Irelan

    San Francisco

  538. Diana Ostapovicz

    Philadelphia, Ashville, and New York City

  539. Morgan Scott

    New York, Chicago, and Portland

  540. Diana Ostapovicz

    Sorry that should have been Asheville

  541. Shelby

    New York, Philadelphia, and Portland!!

  542. Tina

    Bangkok, Toronto, and Ottawa!

  543. Susan

    Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

  544. Jenny

    portland, austin, and new york!

  545. Annie

    New York, Portland, Boston…

  546. Janel M.

    San Francisco, Portland, Seattle

  547. Alex

    Denver, Boulder, and Chicago!

  548. Anna

    New York, Austin and Minneapolis.

  549. Christine

    Portland, Austin, and Seattle

  550. Rachel

    Vancouver, New York City, Seattle !

  551. Som

    Vancouver, Bangkok, New York

  552. chicago, portland and LA!

  553. Meredith

    Seattle, Portland, Boulder

  554. Heidi

    NYC, Washington DC, & San Diego!

  555. Cary M

    Portland, Seattle, San Diego

  556. Marilyn

    From the ones I have been too Berlin, London and Malmø

  557. Jamie

    San Francisco, Portland, L.A

  558. Leah

    Manhattan! Also Portland and San Francisco.

  559. Sarah McLaughlin

    Portland, San Francisco, and Berkely

  560. Karla

    Santa Cruz, Berlin, DC. :)

  561. Em

    NYC, London, Munich

  562. Pali Richardson

    Portland, LA, Austin!

  563. sarah

    seattle, philly, portland!

  564. It’s got to be New York and LA

  565. Amy

    Small town girl from Kentucky (not many vegan options here, unfortunately). I have had some amazing vegan food in Chicago, New York, and New Orleans!!! Would love to win so I can try some of these amazing food options!!! Good luck to everyone!!!

  566. tricia

    portland, singapore, new york

  567. Lisa

    Portland [Oregon], Berlin, Goa (I haven’t been to any of these places, so here’s to hoping?).

  568. Abbie

    Phoenix, AZ
    Chicago, IL
    Portland – never been, but heard great things!

  569. Michelle

    Though I am not a well traveled person, three places I would love to visit Portland, Oregon, New York City and I have been to Cincinnati, OH which has many vegan options.

  570. Daisy

    San Francisco.

  571. Jia Hui

    San Francisco , Los Angeles, and Portland! Representing west coast!

  572. Jennie bacon

    I love the vegan food in New York, Toronto, London Ontario. I’ve yet to go to a forth town that I would say is super vegan friendly…I think I need to travel more!

  573. Juleigh

    Los Angeles, Denver, Austin

  574. Yvonne

    Fort Worth (just cuz my fav restaurant Spiral Diner is here), LA, and Rio de Janeiro.

  575. Wreana Ward

    Asheville, NC, Portland, OR, NYC!!

  576. Amanda

    San Francisco, New York, and Boston!

  577. Kate

    This list is limited by the places I have been since going vegan just under 2 years ago.
    Akumal/Tulum area in Mexico-skip the all inclusive and you won’t regret it
    Denver & Boulder, Colorado
    Columbus, Ohio (I live in Dayton which is NOT vegan friendly)

  578. Toronto, New York, LA

  579. Kristin

    Goshen and Bloomington, IN, and Berlin!!

  580. Mondia Doty

    Seattle, Berkeley, Portland

  581. Mary Swick

    columbus Ohio, anchorage alaska, and korea

  582. Doug

    NY, PDX and SF. From my personal experience.

  583. Sunil K

    Austin, Toronto and Vancouver

  584. Sharon

    Denton, TX- We have the only all-vegan buffet, right on the UNT campus! LOVE it!!

    Picking my other two is hard, since I haven’t really traveled to many veg-friendly places I guess. So for my next 2 picks, I’m going to name veg-friendly cities I WANT to visit!!

    Portland and San Francisco.

  585. Anne

    Los Angeles, Portland, Miami are my choices.

  586. Dana Portnoy

    New York City
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

  587. Courtney C

    LA, Austin and Seattle. Sadly, I haven’t been out of the US yet but hoping to change that soon!

  588. Lancia

    Best cities for vegans: NYC (of course), San Francisco, and Seattle.

  589. Kim

    LA, NYC, San Fran

  590. Alanna

    Oakland, Oakland, Oakland!

  591. Emma

    Portland, New York and Houston

  592. Meli

    San Francisco (where I live!), New York City (vegan croissants?!?!), and Chicago (best vegan milkshake I’ve ever had – at Chicago Diner)!

  593. joy

    New York, Los Angeles, & Portland!

  594. Amy Kristen

    I’m partial to Los Angeles and San Diego (I’ve lived both places), and of course my favorite city to visit: New York!

  595. Vuk

    Portland, OR (where I live!), Seattle, San Francisco.

  596. Miriam

    New York, NY
    Portland, OR
    Seattle, WA

  597. Tia

    I wish I knew maybe someday I will have done enough traveling to answer that question . For now there’s one really great vegan restaurant in my area.

  598. Stephanie

    I haven’t traveled enough but I live in Melbourne and it has some fantastic and eclectic options in the city and inner suburbs. It has to be one of the best.

  599. nomeats

    Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA; Naples, FL

  600. I hope to make it to Germany myself one day, but because we’re raising money to start our very own vegan grocery store, travel money is not in the cards right now and winning this would be AWESOME!

  601. Eric

    New York, Barcelona, London (so far!!)

  602. Heather Kincaid

    LA, London, and NYC.

  603. Anita S.

    Albuquerque NM, LA, NY

  604. tinatre

    Dallas, Austin, N.Y.C.

  605. Andrea Rose

    Since I haven’t been to too many vegan friendly cities yet, I have to choose where I have been. Chicago, Denver, & Fort Collins, CO.

  606. Of the cities I’ve been to, my top 3 veg ones are:
    1. Portland, OR
    2. NYC
    3. Philly!

  607. dicque

    Tallahassee, Vancouver, Oakland

  608. Robin

    New York , Toronto, Tallahassee.
    I need to travel more!!!!!

  609. Monica

    New York, Portland & Philly!

  610. alisa

    New York, Chicago, San Fransisco

  611. Val

    Portland, Tokyo, and Berlin so far. Not counting my home of Toronto, which is pretty awesome too. Would love to visit Austin, San Fran and LA just to eat.

  612. Julie

    Chicago, Miami, Toronto =)

  613. It might not be the “best” vegan city, but we do have the Chicago Diner, so that’s got to count for something!

    I actually haven’t had much of a chance to travel since I went vegan. I’ve got a lot of great places to look forward to!

  614. Danielle

    Madison, San Diego, Milwaukee

  615. Danielle Lombardo

    Places I’d love to go for good vegan food: Las Vegas, New York City, Portland and LA

  616. Anna

    I didn’t realize Berlin was so vegan friendly!

  617. Cassandra Leah

    L.A., NYC, and Portland

  618. New York, Portland, San Francisco! So many other places I am dying to visit too!

  619. Zyxomma

    I’ve been vegan traveling for so long, I can remember going to truck stops that had NO vegan options and ordering “BLT on whole wheat toast, hold the bacon, side of cole slaw and whatever veg you have today.”

    NYC, and in particular, my East Village (home on and off since 1970) is Vegan Central, and Live Food Headquarters. Felt right at home in San Francisco, and surprisingly, found terrific vegan options in Louisville, KY. In St. Vincent and the Grenadines, I asked the hotel cook to make me an all-vegetable dish “you’d make for your own family.” It was a lovely vegan stew, in a coconut base, with an array of fresh produce and tasty hot peppers. Health and peace, and I’d LOVE to win — I’ve not yet been to Berlin.

  620. John Belcastro

    Washington D.C., Knoxville. Atlanta

  621. Jess

    Austin, LA, San Francisco

  622. My fav 3 vegan cities from the current 6-month trip that the hubby and I are on are: Berlin, Melbourne, and Glasgow! But we are headed to LA shortly, so that may push one of those out of the top 3!

  623. Jennifer Adams

    Portland, OR. (even though it’s home, it’s still the best) followed by San Francisco, CA, and New York, N.Y.

  624. Angie

    I only know of San Francisco and Los Angeles, and sadly I don’t get to travel much.

  625. Bonnie

    NYC, Portland, Taipei

  626. mmh

    San Francisco, Los Angeles, NYC

  627. Melissa


  628. monica

    dc, norfolk, san francisco

  629. ashton

    NY, Canada, Austria

  630. Melody

    A vegan package from Berlin would be so cool!

  631. Meghan

    New York, Portland, San Francisco!

  632. Ella

    Spain: Barcelona: Sooo many amazing cafe’s as well as places to get vegan doughnuts, eclairs and much more!
    Amsterdam: This place has lovely vegan restaurants too!
    Although I haven’t been yet New york looks amazing too!

  633. Ella

    Barcelona, Amsterdam and London (England) :) They are pretty amazing!

  634. DC, NY, and Asheville, NC of all places. I might be biased towards DC and NY because I’m from DC and have lived in NY. I went to Asheville on vacation and was pleasantly surprised at how vegan-friendly it is and how knowledgeable the folks that work in the omni restaurants are.

  635. Marie S.

    Salt Lake City, UT
    Shanghai, China
    Chengdu, China
    I love vegan Chinese cuisine!

  636. Tommy

    NYC(Blossom Du Jour), Chicago (Native Foods), Los Angeles

  637. Susan

    Definitely Austin, Texas is a fav. Dallas’ is becoming more and more vegan friendly. I would love to visit Portland and sample their vegan fare.

  638. Margaret Spence

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  639. Brian T.

    New York City, New York City, New York City

  640. Pat

    Austin, LA, Portland

  641. Caroline

    My three favorite vegan-friendly cities are Ann Arbor, London, and San Francisco!

  642. chai

    nyc, philly, sf

  643. Ashley

    Toronto, Vancouver, and Portland!

  644. Grace

    I’ve been dying to try most of these products that are in the picture! I’d love to receive the package :) It all looks so great! I recently just ordered a box so I’m excited to see what I’ll get!

  645. Isabel T

    Let’s go with Toronto, Vancouver and Berlin

  646. Marci F

    Austin, San Francisco, Portland (I don’t travel much… LOL)

  647. Michaela

    Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco

  648. Kelley S

    Tampa, Orlando, and Verona,NJ :D

  649. Steph

    I’ve actually never been to a super vegan friendly city, but Portland, OR is where I would love to go!

  650. Chicago, New York, London

  651. Ashley Dziadus

    Miami, San Fran, New York

  652. Rowan

    Portland, Los Angeles, and Chicago!

  653. Caitlin

    Los Angeles, CA
    Mendocino, CA
    Berkeley, CA

  654. jenni

    san francisco, portland, austin

  655. daloco1

    richmond, va. philadelphia, pa. slc, ut.

  656. alison

    Phoenix, San Francisco, and PIttsburgh

  657. Susan Johnson

    Salt Lake City, Portland, London

  658. Zerah

    los angeles, chicago, portland

  659. al fair

    san francisco, ithaca, ny and new york, ny

  660. Maggi

    Madison, WI has amazing vegan treats and an entire vegetarian/vegan restaurant! {super great for the Dairy State!}
    Portland, Oregon-I’ve never been, but always wanted to!
    Helisnki, Finland-also never been, but I’ve researched a ton and there are quiet a few vegan-friendly restaurants and stands

  661. Kristen

    Nashville, Columbia, Mo., and Austin

  662. Keanna

    I live in Texas and there aren’t many vegan options here in the “Dirty South”, but there’s Dallas, Austin, and Richardson (in Texas) with vegan options and vegan restaurants. :)

  663. Cassandra Bender

    Love vegan cuts and Berlin <3

  664. Isabelle

    Austin, TX; Montreal, QC; and New York

  665. kristi walker

    lets see, seattle, portland, and my home kitchen ( i’ve only been to one of these guess which). only rich travelers will have experienced multiple cities

  666. Asheville NC, San Francisco CA, and New York NY

  667. Philadelphia! (not my favorite city, but I know I will eat well when I go there)
    Boston! (FoMu ice cream yessss and Veggie Galaxy yessss)
    San Diego! (just went there for the first time last month, and I didn’t even get to eat everything that I wanted to)

  668. Jenn

    Philadelphia, New York, Honolulu

  669. Jenna

    London, New York City, Philadelphia

  670. Portland, Los Angeles, New York

  671. Sarah Z.

    Seattle, Portland, and Chicago

  672. NYC, Los Angeles and San Francisco

  673. Brittnee

    So far my favorite vegan cities are Denver, San Diego, and Salt Lake City.

  674. Portland (naturally – I live in this wonderful vegan-friendly city. And, since I don’t travel much, I have a hard time picking two others, but based on what I know and where I’d like to visit, I’m going with Denver and San Francisco.

  675. Alexa G

    San Francisco, Norfolk, VA, & Asheville, NC

  676. Jennifer

    I haven’t been able to travel to many “vegan cities” yet. I live in Vegas though and think it’s one of the best!

  677. Sara

    Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland

  678. Boston, London and Florence. I have never been to Berli :(

  679. Boston, London and Florence. I have never been to Berlin :(

  680. hef

    San Francisco, Honolulu, San Diego

  681. I’ve never been to a vegan city! Not super vegan friendly in my city for sure.

  682. Erin

    My top three cities with great vegan options would have to be Toronto, London – Ontario, and even the small city of Peterborough, Ontario. I can only name those three cities as I have only experienced vegan dining in those cities.

  683. Stefani

    Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland!

  684. Amy

    Los Angeles, Chicago, and even though I’ve never been I have to say New York.

  685. Sophie

    My dream vegan city destination is Berlin after I saw the Happy Cow Berlin video. Vegan friendly cities I have been to include Toronto and Ottawa, Canada.

  686. Michelle

    Where is the raffle copter to enter the Berlin Contest? I am guessing we need to add our top 3 vegan friendly cities? Mine would be San Francisco, L.A. And Chicago.

  687. Chris Fisher

    I want to go next time! : )

  688. Kathryn

    LA; Cambridge, MA; Portland, OR

  689. april praeger

    ill be totally honest in saying i don’t know 3

    but as for 2, berlin & glasgow?

    I find theres a bit of a selection of free from stuff in shops here, but theres a nice vegan restaurant / bar in town ;D

  690. erik

    San Francisco CA, Portland OR, Berlin DE

  691. Jess

    Minneapolis, MN , Los Angeles, and Des Moines, IA. I’m hoping to add London to the list next fall.

  692. Stephanie

    New York City. Boston. and Los Angeles! Go big and animal free or go home.

  693. Theresa

    New York, Montreal and… Guess I need to do more traveling!!

  694. ashley

    Orlando, New York, Chicago

  695. JanVan

    – Portland, Oregon
    – Eugene, Oregon
    – Seattle

  696. Marady

    Toronto, NYC, LA

  697. Laurie

    New York, LA, Charlotte, SC!

  698. Kelsey S

    The only place I have traveled to is Toronto. I have heard great things about Portland (have a friend there) and of course NYC.

  699. Nikki

    After I graduate I would love to travel to more vegan-friendly places. Dallas is okay and slowly getting more vegan friendly, but I would love to go to NY or Seattle. Green in Phoenix, AZ was mega amazing! I also want to travel overseas! Too many delicious vegan food, not enough time!

  700. Vegas, Boulder CO, and Chicago!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  701. Mac

    New York City, San Francisco, L.A!!!

  702. Monica Hanley

    Eugene OR
    Portland OR
    Vegas NV

  703. Cindy

    Salt Lake City and Nashville are the only places I’ve made the effort to go to vegan restaurants when traveling. The Gaylord hotel made some fabulous vegan dishes for an event I attended.

  704. Sara R.

    New York (LOVE Candle!!), Portland and San Francisco!

  705. My favorite veg cities are San Francisco, New York and Portland!

  706. Barbara Modafferi

    I’m from Southern Indiana and currently live in western Kentucky…not many vegetarian/vegan restaurants so I rely on the internet for great recipes. Hopefully someday I can travel and find awesome restaurants

  707. beatriz

    Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles.

  708. Stephanie Dees

    San Francisco
    New York City
    Los Angeles

  709. LA, California
    Chicago, IL
    Nashville, TN

  710. New Orleans, London, Boston

  711. Flora

    Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco

  712. Andre

    Boston, NY & Providence

  713. Alison

    Portland, Milwaukee, and San Fran!

  714. Krissi

    San Francisco, New York and Richmond, Virginia

  715. Amy H.

    Portland, San Francisco, & Asheville NC.

  716. Liz

    Berkely, Portland, Richmond (VA)

  717. Andrea Sapaugh

    St. Louis, New York, San Francisco

  718. Tamela

    LOVE vegan cuts and would love to taste some worldly vegan treats!

  719. Becky

    I’m proud to see Austin getting so many mentions! I wasn’t veg during my traveling days, but I know Portland is veg-friendly. I’m hoping Dublin is, because I want to go there.

  720. Angie D

    Sacramento, San Francisco, Portland

  721. Kelly

    Chicago, Denver, Portland

  722. Orlando, New York, Chicago

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