Upton’s Naturals Bacon: Review + Giveaway

uptons seitan bacon toast

Photos by Jackie Sobon

I know that I’m not the only person who was incredibly excited to see Upton’s Naturals come out with their new Bacon product earlier this year. Of course there are other vegan bacon foods on the market—each with their own pros and cons—but out of all of the ones that I’ve tried, Upton’s is the most versatile.

When their seitan bacon showed up at my doorstep, I pulled it out of the box and was greeted by their recycled packaging and clever branding. Who doesn’t love a dapper dude with a mustache? Vacuum-sealed inside were the strips of smoky bacon. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t try a few pieces uncooked… ya know, for “quality assurance.” ;)

Upton's Naturals vegan bacon

One of the easiest ways to prepare and serve this product is by heating up a dab of coconut oil in a pan and frying the strips on each side for a minute or two. Place on a cloth or paper towel to soak up the excess oil and you’re good to go! You might not expect it from seitan, but these strips end up pretty crispy. According to the package you can also bake them for a healthier option.

Upton's Naturals vegan bacon

If you like your bacon to be a mix of sweet and salty, I recommend drizzling a teeny bit of maple syrup on top of it. Or, keep it savory by adding some bacon strips to your morning avocado toast. If you want to get a little crazy with it, use this tasty bacon in my recipe for Loaded Caramel Apples from the free Vegan Cuts Fall Harvest eBook!

Upton's Naturals vegan bacon

I’ve also used these in a BLT-style sandwich (duh) and they worked great! Sometimes tempeh bacon can be slightly soft, even right after being fried, but Upton’s Bacon holds up nicely and offers a good crunch in your sandwich.

Overall, I would suggest this product to those of you who want a simple, delicious, and versatile vegan bacon. The lovely people at Upton’s Naturals have put together an amazing prize pack that you can enter to win below!



Enter to Win a Prize Pack from Upton’s Naturals

One lucky blog reader will win a prize pack from Upton’s Naturals, including coupons for free Upton’s Naturals products, an Upton’s Naturals t-shirt, and other cool swag. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Open to U.S. residents only.

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  1. sara floyd

    I might, but most of friends don’t appreciate vegan yumminess

  2. turtle

    mmmmm, i would love to try some of this…. i am thinking of a blt!!

  3. E

    Love Love Love Uptons!

  4. Mae

    Wouldn’t want to share at all! But maybe would a bit with the husband. We LOVE Upton’s, especially the chorizo.

  5. elissa

    Love Uptons!

  6. Just purchased a huge order of your products from Whole Foods up in Bellingham, MA…we love making faux steak and cheeses with your Chorizo Seitan for one! and so many more great recipes I can’t begin to name! Love all your products and all that you represent! Go Upton’s!

  7. Kristin

    I would love to make some sandwiches with these!

  8. Bex

    Um, no. All for me.

    Not even joking. :)

  9. andrea

    2 packages already in my fridge. can’t get enough of this deliciousness!

  10. I’d share with my family… in the form of cooking delicious food for them!

  11. Lauren

    I would have my mom or bf try if they felt like they would like it. I love uptons! Going to buy a package this week.

  12. Devin

    All the products are amazing!

  13. Robert

    Uh yes pls????? I wanna gobble up all of this.

  14. Jennifer

    That candy apple looks amazing!

  15. Eleni

    I just made a daiya grilled cheeze with Upton’s Naturals Bacon–> Total game changer! Thanks for making something so delicious <3

  16. andtoday

    Those all look so good!

  17. Micah

    So happy to finally get Uptons near me!

  18. Briana

    Love this stuff! It’s delicious!

  19. Maybe.. Love UPTON’S!!!

  20. I hate to admit it, but I probably would keep it all for myself! I wouldn’t feel too too bad about it, though ;)

  21. kelsea

    I would totally share the vegan love – and enjoy some myself!

  22. Sarah

    i’d probably eat everything myself!

  23. Billy Werch

    Share? Positively! My pa needs to switch from turkey bacon to Uptons.

  24. djbays

    it’s time for brunch, my friends!

  25. Jamie Koplin

    I would most definitely share this with my vegan friends!!! I see sandwiches, breakfast, and maybe even some Wrapped h’our de v’ours!

  26. Lizzie

    I would probably pass the shirt on to someone else, but the product coupons? No way!! ;)

  27. Nick

    Upton’s is awesome! Gorgeous pictures.

  28. Leah

    Love Uptons!

  29. Mairead

    absolutely have to throw my name in the hat for this awesome swag bag, thank you!! YUM!! =)

  30. Tom

    This is a great giveaway! I love Uptons Naturals and the bacon is my favorite!! Awesome pics!

  31. karin

    yes, I would share!

  32. Eric

    I would share it and then use the money that I would have spent on Upton’s seitan by donating to an organization that helps animals :D

  33. Alex

    their seitan bacon is my go-to. nothing else comes close.

  34. I would share it! for sure, but i would keep a lot for myself :)

  35. Nancy

    My family are all vegetarian – 3 years old included. We all can’t get enough of the vegetarian bacon and would love to try this!

  36. I would share some bacon with my hubby. this is his favorite vegan bacon and he isn’t vegan! maybe one day I will convert him. :)

  37. Celeste

    Absolutely! Id share with my husband, daughter, and vegan friends at thanksgiving! I just tried uptons at Twin cities Vegfest last weekend! They don’t sell Uptons anywhere near where I live so I would love to win some! So yummy <3

  38. Absolutely! I love cooking for friends and family and showing them that vegan tastes GREAT :)

  39. Jill

    I would share! :)

  40. Alicia M

    Share? Maybe with my husband, maybe with my parents, but I think I’d mostly be selfish (because it’s just THAT good). ;)

  41. Tami

    My youngest daughter would love to try this bacon. I can’t wait to purchase some. Thanks Vegan Cuts, for always introducing us to new and exciting vegan food.

  42. Rita

    I would definitely share! Share the mustache with my cat and a photo with you on Instagram, of course. :) No luck finding the bacon at Whole Foods yet, but had the chorizo in my tofu scramble this morning.

  43. CatMat

    I want to try this bacon!

  44. Christina Oddy

    I would share with those near and dear to me!

  45. Amber

    I tried the Loaded Caramel Apple recipe with another brand of vegan bacon and it was delicious, would love to try it with the Upton brand!

  46. Laurie

    Just had some last night with roasted root veggies and a tofu scramble. Thank you Uptons!

  47. Sarah

    Looks delicious!

  48. ABBY S.

    I would totally share the wealth! I love proving to my family and friends that faux meat is even better then the “gross” real stuff. :)

  49. samantha

    While admittedly, I have been pining after a taste of Upton’s products for myself , I would love to try this so that I could share it with our local Natural Foods Co-op. We have a small but active vegan community here in the Florida panhandle and I know they’d love to try Upton’s as well!

  50. Charity

    Maybe..I only have one vegan friend so why not share the wealth

  51. Noelle Chaltry

    I would share, gotta spread the joy!

  52. Rae

    Boyfriend is vegan and I’m sure he would appreciate it!

  53. Katie L

    Would definitely make BLPs (peanut butter) for my roommates!

  54. Steph

    This looks amazing! I always just go for thick tempeh bacon, so it’d be awesome to try something new!

  55. Adrianne

    I want to try these on a “B”LT! :)

  56. Adrianne

    I want to try this on my vegan “B”LT!

  57. Lauren

    Of course… um, If i don’t eat all of it by the time my boyfriend visits XD

  58. Kelli

    I had some Upton’s while tailgating at a Pat’s game last month. It was great!

  59. maureen

    i am new to uptons and so far everything i have tried has been really good.

  60. I love Upton’s bacon seitan so much! But I would share the wealth with my husband if I won. I’m big hearted that way.

  61. Caroline

    Share it with my roommate, who is kosher.

  62. Katie

    It’d be selfish if I didn’t, so I’ll share it with my boyfriend :)

  63. Shanna

    Yes- I would share some with my boyfriend!

  64. Kathryn

    Good option for vegan ‘bacon’.

  65. Kathryn

    Oh, and I probably wouldn’t share!

  66. maggie

    Would love to try this!

  67. I LOVE Uptons!! Use it all the time!

  68. Amanda T.

    I would definitely share it with my daughter.

  69. Michelle

    I love everything Upton’s!!! Would love to try!

  70. Amy

    I’d share with my dog and my husband. They’re both big bacon fans.

  71. VeganQT

    I would share with my fiance and housemate!

  72. Jia Hui

    I would totally share the compassion with the meat free upton’s!

  73. Tina.

    I’d give it my best to try, but I can’t make any promises. :) (That was my lame attempt to make a joke. Of course, I’d share. I love sharing vegan goodies with others.)

  74. Jessica

    My sister is vegan but on a low budget so I would love to give her something to spice up her breakfast

  75. I don’t know other vegans IRL. So I’m sorry to say I would use it all myself!!

  76. Liz

    Great products, yum!

  77. Becca

    I’m not much of a sharer.

  78. Lynne

    I really want to make those apples with the pumpkin caramel and seiten bacon.

  79. Gigi

    My non vegan daughter likes my vegan food.We would share it together

  80. Christina Greene

    I would share with my kids! And figure out where to get it in my neck of the woods.

  81. Diana caldwell

    not sure i would like this but would try it with an open mind

  82. val rollheiser

    yes I would share

  83. Alex

    I’d share with my sisters. They’re dying to try Uptons.

  84. Katie J

    My boyfriend and I became vegan at the same time, almost a year ago now. We have used Uptons several times, but never this product! I know for a fact my boyfriend would LOVE to try the Bacon product!! This would go great with a nice potato hash and good ol’ scrambled tofu brunch.

  85. Adrian R

    My family would love this. We keep kosher so it would be perfect!

  86. These look so delicious! I’ve had their Italian style seitan but never the bacon!

  87. karen cecil

    I would share with my husband, of course. We haven’t tried the bacon yet,but love the chorizo. I haven’t seen the bacon available where we live.

  88. Viviane Cauden

    I don’t think my friends would like…. They are hardcore omnis!

  89. Jenn

    This bacon is sooooo good :d

  90. Nicole

    I would share it with my boyfriend.

  91. Anne S

    How did I not know that this existed?!

  92. Kathryn

    I can’t wait to try that caramel apple recipe!

  93. Jennylyn Gross

    I would give this to my daughter she is a vegan and loves upton

  94. Angel

    I sampled this at the Dallas Veggie Fair but it wasn’t crispy. Regardless, it was totally tasty and would be great for a sandwich. It’s good to see it can indeed get crispy!

  95. Allie

    I love Upton’s! That caramel apple looks really good.

  96. Catherine

    I’d share the goodies with my dad, who’s cutting back on all of his animal product consumption :)

  97. E

    Dinner with vegan and non-vegan friends!

  98. Does with my family count? :P

  99. I will share with whoever shows up the day after I get to enjoy by myself :)

  100. Laura K

    Of course I’d share ;-)

  101. kim

    I would share with my co-workers.

  102. kristin m.

    I’d probably share this with just about everyone who came along. I love to show off good ideas that people might not have ever tried.

  103. Heather P-I

    I would love the opportunity to try this! Thank you!

  104. Krista

    I’d share some with my boyfriend cause he’d be just as excited about trying it as I am. :o)

  105. I would most certainly share! Delicious veggie breakfast time!

  106. Alexandria


  107. I haven’t tried their products yet, but I would love to!

  108. Tory

    Yes! My mom isn’t veg, but has been wanting to try some vegan bacon. I would love to give her some Upton’s!

  109. Marci F

    I can never get enough “bacony” goodness… can’t wait to try this!

  110. christina

    I have a small family of two, so I would be more than willing to share :)

  111. Miranda

    I can’t wait to try this! I’m always looking for a different vegan bacon and Upton’s has never disappointed!

  112. Thea

    Nope, sorry, not a chance. Veggie bacon makes the(/my) world go ’round. The precious is all mine if(/when) I win ;)

  113. Catrin Thorp

    I was never much on eating bacon back in my carnivorous days, but might actually like the vegan version – for starters, not as fatty! And I’d definitely share, as I love to see people discover how well they can eat without having to kill any animals in the process, and sometimes tasting is believing!

  114. Terri Cole

    My daughter, and a friend would get to share my bounty!

  115. Elicia P

    I just got hungry….

  116. Elicia P

    Got too excited. I would share it with my family.

  117. Serena Powell

    Nobody else in my family is a vegetarian, so I’d keep them all for myself.

  118. Lisa Z

    I’d use the coupons to make a delicious vegan meal for my family

  119. Louise M.

    Mmmm! Yes please!

  120. Rob

    This sounds great

  121. Mar

    I’m gonna have to think about that …. :-)

  122. Ariel

    I have tried the spicy jerky before, it is really good. It’s not too dry, even.

    I would not mind trying more of their products.

  123. Rich D

    It’s getting better & better every day to be a Vegan!

  124. I would totally share!… With me, myself, and I. Ok, and I my 2 non-vegan roommates.

  125. edith

    YES!!! to try and convert my omvi friends and family!

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