Strawberry Hedgehog Vegan Body Products Review + Giveaway

Strawberry Hedgehog prize pack

Strawberry Hedgehog makes vegan soaps and body products for all the boys and girls. (Photo by Strawberry Hedgehog)

We have a really special treat for this week’s giveaway! Strawberry Hedgehog is an amazing vegan soap and body products company with a funny name. They’ve been around for some time now and I’m still not sure whether the soapmaker herself is the hedgehog in question, or whether that’s just a fun mascot for this cruelty-free company. (Just kidding! She named the company after a cactus. Who knew?)

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Based in Phoenix, AZ, founder Tracy Perkins has been making sweet-smelling soaps since 2003. These days, she makes a huge variety of soaps and other body products that are likely to make your tummy grumble in anticipation. As delicious as they might smell, however, it’s still not advisable to consume Strawberry Hedgehog’s products because, well, it’s soap and stuff.

We particularly like Strawberry Hedgehog’s products because they are 100% free of animal products, preservatives, chemicals, and artificial dyes and fragrances. Instead, they rely solely on nature to provide all the cleansing and aromatherapy goodness you need.

So, about these products we’re checking out today…

Strawberry Hedgehog vegan whipped body creme

This great big jar of pure moisturizing goodness is literally for every body. (Photo by Cat DiStasio)

Whipped Body Creme

Thick and creamy without being greasy, this is a full-size (8 ounce) luxurious body creme that works on all your parts. It’s great for rough spots like elbows, knees, and heels, but feels just as good when slathered all over after a bath or shower. With no added fragrance, this body creme smells light and natural with just a hint of cocoa butter, so it’s truly a gender neutral treat. The combination of shea and cocoa butters, along with aloe vera, are soothing and healing for all sorts of skin complaints, or just to seal in softness and moisture.

Strawberry Hedgehog natural vegan deodorant

Every jar of Strawberry Hedgehog deodorant comes with a tiny plastic spatula, for stirring and applying this awesome natural product. (Photos by Cat DiStasio)

Natural Deodorant

We’ve reviewed Strawberry Hedgehog’s natural vegan deodorant before on the blog, and we’re still just as in love with it.

With one of the shortest ingredient lists we’ve ever seen (perfect for putting on your pits!), this deodorant comes in three fresh scents: Peaceful Person, Femme Fatale, and Strong Man. Despite the names, we can argue that all three scents are really unisex. Peaceful Person is the easy pick for anyone new to the world of natural deodorant. The scent is a subtle combination of lavender, sandalwood, cedar, frankincense, ylang ylang, jasmine, and rosewood. The result is a soft natural scent that doesn’t scream “Hippie!” or make you feel like people can smell you a mile away.

This is a great deodorant formula for anyone looking to limit their personal care products, too. A little bit goes a long-long way, and one application will typically banish the stinkies for about 24 hours.

Strawberry Hedgehog vegan soaps

This colorful quartet of vegan soaps is pleasing to the eye, the nose, and the skin! (Photos by Cat DiStasio)

Karmic Sweetness Soap Quartet

All of the soaps at Strawberry Hedgehog are built on the same basic formula: a plant-based recipe that combines organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, and pure vegetable glycerin. This means that all of their various soap varieties possess the same cleaning, softening, and soothing power, regardless of their color, scent, or add-ins. And speaking of all those options, it’s important to note that Strawberry Hedgehog uses only 100% essential oils, food grade organic extracts, and whole herbs in their soaps. Basically, what you’re getting comes straight from the earth, unfooled-around-with.

In this set is a 5oz bar of each scent:

Blueberry-lavender: A delicious blue-on-blue bar has a sweet, unique scent and strikes me as a great pick for the kid in your life (no matter what age they are).

Sweet orange-clove: This is a classic scent combo in a beautiful orange bar of soap. Slightly reminiscent of autumn holidays, you’ll love the way it makes you feel.

Lemongrass-ginger: A bright, energizing scent, this soap is great for too-early morning showers, or any other time you need a little boost.

Coconut-almond: This combination is one of my personal favorites, because it reminds me of some far-off tropical escape. Except, you know, in my bathroom.

Enter to Win a Prize Pack from Strawberry Hedgehog

One lucky blog reader will win all of the products listed above. This includes a full-sized whipped body creme, natural deodorant (your choice of scent) and a Karmic Sweetness Soap Quartet. You can enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Open to U.S. residents only.

Can’t wait to find out if you’re the winner? Shop Strawberry Hedgehog using code “VC20” and save 20% until August 31, 2013.

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  1. Abbey

    the body butter and natural deodorant sounds so tempting. !(^_^)!

  2. courtney

    i am super excited about trying this! have been wanting to find an all natural for a while!

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  4. Crystal

    Awesome Vegan Products!!!

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    I really want to try to body butter and soap! I love some good all natural body stuff. :3


    Totally psyched about the deodorant…. not that i have smelly pits or anything :p

  7. emilynhr

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  9. Mary

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  10. Jess C

    I would love to try the facial treatment oils!

    Thanks ☺

  11. Sharon

    Sounds awesome!

  12. Erin

    LOVE your website!! Since we can’t find many vegan products locally, it’s nice that there is a website that features nothing but vegan products!

  13. Norma T

    I would LOVE to try these products!

  14. I love Strawberry Hedgehog! I’ve tried most of the products but I love the whipped body creme and I don’t have any right now. I’d love to re-try it!

  15. Amanda

    These are adorable. And those soaps look so yummy!

  16. Erin

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  21. Donald Almendarez

    My wife would love this!!

  22. Dawnell

    I would be super stoked to try that deodorant!

  23. Misty A

    Would love to win!! Strawberry Hedgehog is my fave place for soaps and deodorant. Really wanting to try the Whipped Body Creme.

  24. natural deodorant would be so cool!

  25. Irene

    I would love to try the deodorant. I’m on a mission to find a natural one that actually works, and judging by the reviews – this might do the trick!

  26. kelly

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  42. nikkol gomez

    Trying to get rid of all my store bought chemical laden products. Have various Chronic diseases that benefit from not using chemical based products.This would be an awesome package for me.

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  44. Candace Harrison

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    I pray I win. I will tell everybody how great this product if I do win.

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    man, I wouldn’t mind trying that cool whipped body creme! And that is the most unusual and nice looking natural deodorant. That’ll give me a break from my crystal stone I typically use :)

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    I have recently discovered natural deodorant and I am so happy and never going back! I would love to try Strawberry Hedgehog’s Femme Fatale!

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  62. Roz

    Am very interested in the deodorant. It’s so hard to find a decent natural product that doesn’t make you smell worse! Also, I love doing facial steams so the steam product looks interesting (there wasn’t a price listed, however. Is it free?!)

    • Cat

      Hi Roz! Wouldn’t it be great if it were free? Actually, the deal is that the facial steam comes in two sizes and you have to select the size you want before the price will show. Let us know if you try it!

  63. Gabriele

    I would love to try out your products :))))

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    Suffering with a summer cold, I would love, love, love to try the Karmic Sweetness Soap Quartet from Strawberry Hedgehog, to banish my blues and test the theory that they won’t be as prickly as their name.

  96. charity

    I want to try the whipped body cream. My feet crave moisture, even in summer. In winter, my hands love it!

  97. Lauren

    I would say a lot of dirty words if it meant getting my mouth washed out with one of those bars of soap!

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    Would love to play with any of the products! They’re all amazing!

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  104. turtle

    awe, was just trying the coupon but it is not computing to work :(

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  149. Kim

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    The Whipped Body Creme would be great for my dry skin. I’d love to try the deodorant too.
    I was just searching last evening for a deodorant recipe. I hope I win this giveaway.

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