Review + Giveaway: AllerMates Allergy Awareness Products for Kids

AllerMates vegan wristband

The number of kids with food allergies is growing, and parents are always looking for new ways to safeguard their kids against potential food hazards. You can do a lot to teach your kids about food allergies and food safety, but having a little extra layer of protection can help avoid troubles. AllerMates provides just that protection, with a wide variety of kid-oriented products to help signify food allergies, sensitivities, and dietary choices.

All of AllerMates’ products serve to simply and clearly alert day care and school employees, as well as other parents, about what your child shouldn’t eat. They’re also smartly designed in bright, gender neutral colors, and all of their products are free of BPA, phthalates, and latex.

AllerMates has a variety of products that warn of the most common food restrictions:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Peanut Allergy
  • Vegan

Wear Your Allergy on your Wrist

Hands down, this is the product that made us fall in love with AllerMates’ concept. They designed a latex-free adjustable wristband for kids of all ages to wear, and they’re freaking cute. Indeed, these wristbands are a far cry from the boring medic-alert bracelets made for kids and adults with medical issues and severe allergies.

You can use a wristband to identify your kid as gluten-free, or having an allergy to peanuts, dairy, eggs, shellfish, and a plethora of other food items. We especially love that the folks at AllerMates decides to include a ‘vegan’ wristband for the growing number of vegan tots in the world who need a little help communicating their dietary habits to others around them.

Image: barekim via Flickr

For kids with multiple allergies, AllerMates came up with an easy, fun solution for notifying caregivers. They developed a wristband with space for up to 7 charms, to signify allergies from gluten and peanuts to insect stings, pollen, and even cats. This way, you can easily customize the wristband to reflect your kid’s special needs.

Keep Your Allergies Boxed Up

AllerMates Gluten-Free lunchbox

AllerMates also makes a variety of soft-sided lunchboxes, in “I’m Wheat/Gluten Free” in green and “I Have Food Allergies” in two colors. The more generic “food allergy” bags are great for older kids who can better explain their food allergies to others. To go along with the lunchboxes, they carry smaller zippered snack bags in the same designs. These are perfect for sending along with your kid to their favorite after-school activity or weekend playdate.

Stick It to Food Allergies

AllerMates allergy stickers

AllerMates thought of everything when they designed a line of stickers to supplement their other allergy-alert products. They’re great for when your little one goes to camp, on a field trip, to a new friend’s house, or anywhere that people might not be aware of their allergies. The stickers can be easily affixed to their clothing, food containers, or other materials to signify their allergies.

Sometimes, it’s not the kid who needs to be labeled, but the foodstuffs themselves. The stickers can also be used to designate food as being dairy-free or gluten-free, and they even have a write-in sticker where you can list any possible allergens. These labels are perfect for any shared foods, like contributions to a school bake sale or class party, as well as for parties at home where other kids may be eating your food.

Do you have a child with food allergies? What do you do to help protect them against accidentally eating something they shouldn’t?

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  1. Kris Koehler

    This is AWESOME!!! I would love for my (seemingly everything allergic) kiddo to have this!!! =)

  2. Lindsay Rubin

    What a cool company! I think it’s wonderful to make kids feel accepted for who they are, no matter what the issue. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! :) -Lindsay

  3. Abigail

    I love being Vegan. Best lifestyle choice :) thank you for the giveaway!

  4. KellyC

    Hey! Just wanted to say thank you for showing me this cool product for my son. We live in Canada so we can’t enter the giveaway but we did just order a multi allergen charm bracelet and a Vegan one too!

  5. These are such a great idea for all the kids, and kids at heart who need them.

  6. Shannon C

    My little cousin is allergic to peanuts and they would love this stuff.

  7. Sara

    I would keep the Vegan wristband for my son, we are a vegan family! I have an amazing friend who has 3 gluten free boys! I would give the gluten free items to her!

  8. Alanna

    My younger cousin is nut-, gluten-, and dairy-free, so something like this would have helped her so much! I also LOVE the vegan wristband, as I am one, and it is such a cute idea!

  9. Maxine

    Awesome idea!!

  10. Natasha

    My sister has a dairy allergy so she would love that one. That vegan wristband is too cute!

  11. I would love to give the vegan one to my daughter! I have been worried about her diet and how the schools will know how to accommodate her.

  12. Jen

    Love this!!! Such a great idea!!!

  13. Mealnie

    I would need a vegan and a asthma one. Maybe even two vegan, since my daughter is vegan too.

  14. LaShonda El

    I would love to have these for my little one! Such a cool idea.

  15. I love this! How easy to avoid explaining! My 4-year old constantly asks ‘does that have cow’s milk in it?’ – even when he is eating pineapple! LOL – would love the dairy-free and vegan wrist bands for when he starts Kindergarten in the fall!

  16. Jeanette

    These are so cute! I would get the vegan one for my 3 year old daughter :)

  17. megan

    i would loveeeeeee the vegan one and or the gluten free one, please!
    such lovely and perfect products!!
    God bless always!!
    The Blood Of Jesus!!<3

  18. Heather

    This is fantastic!! Perfect for our vegan family. :)

  19. Ryan Oldfield

    Cool. Go vegan!

  20. These! Are such! A, great idea for all the kids. The kids at heart, and those, who need them. I, would love! To, have these for my little one.


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