Get your Brew on with Vegan Tea Recipes


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With summer right around the corner, you may not feel like drinking a hot cup of tea anytime after 9:00 a.m. With this in mind, we’ve put together a short list of vegan recipes that call for tea to add flavor to a dish, treat or drink.

Rose Pink (loose leaf rose petals)

For something sweet, try gluten free vegan crackers with rose or strawberry vanilla rose black tea cookies. For a savory & sweet option, you can experiment with rose in this recipe for persian stuffed dumpling squash with rose petals.

Minty Igloo (organic peppermint leaves)

Cool off with cilantro-peppermint tea and lemonade granita (slushie) or try something decadent like raw chocolate-mint pie


Canadian Breakfast (organic black tea)

Enjoy a refreshing lemonade iced tea sorbet or ginger iced tea made with breakfast tea.

Cresting Cranes of Legend (organic white tea)

Have you ever tried a white tea smoothie? It sounds delicious! VegWeb has a recipe and so does Bakespace. Another creative use for white tea can be found in this recipe for hot pomegranate cider with a white tea kicker. I’d say it sounds like just the right beverage to have at a campfire.

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