Holiday Wellness Tip #3: Remember the Animals!

Remember the Animals

At Vegan Cuts, we’re lucky because our 9-to-5 is spent finding all of the most amazing products that make it easy to go and stay vegan. That being said, we recognize that it’s a little harder out for those plant-based, animal-defending warriors who spend their time in a less veg-centric world.

We hear you and that’s why we’ve dedicated Holiday Wellness Tip #3 to remembering all the good you do by staying committed when times get tough. Read on for three ways that we center ourselves when the nay-sayers get a little too nay-sayey.

1. Watch the docs that made you go vegan in the first place.


Photo from Earthlings

It can be easy to reach a place where you feel like just one person can hardly make a difference when so many people don’t care what they’re putting on their plates. Watch one of these five must-watch documentaries to remind yourself of just how much suffering you’re stopping by choosing not to be a part of all the cruelty.


2. Get by with a little help from (vegan) friends.

Vegan Friends

You’re not alone when it comes to caring about the impact of your actions on human, non-human animals and the environment! One too many family or work gatherings with a vegan minority and meat-eating majority can make you feel that way, though.

Don’t forget that we’re here for you! We love connecting with fellow vegans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so jump in and let our vegan-friendly posts help posi up your newsfeed. Another little something that helps us stay positive: Following fellow taggers of #vegansofig on Instagram, liking Facebook pages of vegan companies and following fellow #vegan taggers on Twitter to remind ourselves of all the people who are with us on choosing a compassionate lifestyle and drown out some of the negativity from the majority.


3. Remember the animals!


If a trip to Piebird Vegan Farmstay to see these two cuties doesn’t fit with your budget or schedule, YouTube it up! There are so many almost-too-cute-to-watch videos of animals just a click away.  Need some ideas of where to start? Farm Sanctuary and Esther the Wonder Pig are two of our go-tos for remembering the animals that our lifestyle helps keep from harm.

What do you do to stay positive and centered throughout the holidays? Share your advice below! 

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