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Be Stylish and Kind: 2014 Fashion Forecast by Ashlee Piper


Who says you’ve got to be cruel to look fab? Well, maybe Beyonce with her crazy animal skin kicks. Sorry, Bey, we’re not buying it.

Fortunately for us, we know Ashlee Piper, founder of the award-winning style blog The Little Foxes, so we’ve got an in when it comes to the bunny-friendly fashion trends for the year ahead. In true Vegan Cuts fashion, we’re not keeping Ashlee all to ourselves, though! Read on to hear her picks for getting fab for the year ahead. Oh, and get your credit card ready because some of these are a steal!

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MooShoes Vegan Imogen Boots Review + Giveaway

Imogen Boot vegan

Everyone loves these 100% cruelty-free boots. (Photo by Cat DiStasio)

We’re in a generous mood this month, so–starting today–we’re hosting a Month of Monday Giveaways right here on the Vegan Cuts blog! Each Monday, we’ll launch a giveaway of an awesome vegan product, along with a little review to let you know what we think about it. Join us!

Save 10% at MooShoes with code “vegancuts” (expires Sept 15, 2013) 

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Vegan Winter Boots Strong Enough for Rain, Slush & Show

Patagonia Fiona Quilted High Winter Boots from Planet Shoes

In our previous post about stylish vegan boots for winter and fall, we focused on fancier styles that can take you from office to date night and still keep your toes from falling off. This post is more about “functional” boots: the ones more suited to a day out in the snow, or a trekking expedition through a slushy downtown core after it’s supposedly been ploughed.  Fortunately, even with the more utilitarian vegan boots out there, a fair amount of aesthetic charm still holds sway, and the heavy-duty boots are just as attractive as the fancy ones in their own way.

A great resource for vegan shoes is Planet Shoes. While they carry an extensive array of shoes and boots in countless styles, a huge plus is that they have a splendidly large vegan section to choose from: Just type “vegan” into their search bar, and you are taken to the dedicated VEGAN section of their website! Let the happy dancing begin! There are shoes and boots for men, women and children available, in styles to suit all tastes, so be sure to check out their boot selection when you’re scouting around for both warmth and comfort this season. I’m rather fond of the Earth Lodge Vegan Boots on there, but since I already have my winter gear, I’ll just gaze adoringly at my screen and admire from afar.

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Cute Vegan Boots for Happy Feet

Women's "Nellie" Western boot from Payless

If you live in a climate where snowfall is a regular part of your life during the winter months, then you know that it really is best to have a couple of different pairs of boots: the dressy ones that you can wear to work, dinner, etc… and the super warm ones in which you can frolic around in the snow to your heart’s content. This post will be about the fancy-pants boots, so stay tuned for part 2 where we focus on the styles best suited to trudging through tundra.

Finding a stylish dress boot is an interesting challenge, since we want to look good while ensuring that our toes won’t end up frostbitten by the end of our sojourn out into the cold. Some boots that look really lovely don’t have the warmth factor we’re looking for, and others that may be super-warm fall slightly short of fashionable. Add to that the need to be fully vegan, and it might seem like a daunting task to find something that fits all our needs. With more vegan options showing up on a daily basis, however, shopping for dress boots can actually be rather awesome.

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