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Indie Vendor Profiles: Q&A with Djuna Shay


The Vegan Cuts marketplace is filled with amazing products from compassionate vendors and we thought it would be fun to start a new little series on the blog, Indie Vendor Profiles, featuring Q&A sessions so we can all get to know these folks a bit better! First up, Djuna Shay, a cruelty-free fashion and apparel company based in New York City. Read more…

The Best Vegan Products of 2013


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Be Stylish and Kind: 2014 Fashion Forecast by Ashlee Piper


Who says you’ve got to be cruel to look fab? Well, maybe Beyonce with her crazy animal skin kicks. Sorry, Bey, we’re not buying it.

Fortunately for us, we know Ashlee Piper, founder of the award-winning style blog The Little Foxes, so we’ve got an in when it comes to the bunny-friendly fashion trends for the year ahead. In true Vegan Cuts fashion, we’re not keeping Ashlee all to ourselves, though! Read on to hear her picks for getting fab for the year ahead. Oh, and get your credit card ready because some of these are a steal!

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Sprout Watches: Review + Giveaway

Sprout Watches packaging

Photo by Cat DiStasio

 In the 4th and final installation of August’s Month of Mondays Giveaway contests, we’ve got time on our side. Time pieces, that is, from eco-friendly Sprout Watches.

When you think about vegan products, you might not think much about watches. Sure, lots of watches on the market have leather straps, but there are tons of canvas, plastic, and faux leather options to choose from as well. Many of them are vegan, but how environmentally friendly are they? Sprout Watches steps it up several notches by making a ton of wristwatches that are not simply cruelty-free for animals, but also seek to go easy on Mother Earth as well.

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Outerwear with Inner Glow: NYFW’s First Ever Vegan Fashion Show!

The clothes were beyond fabulous but the adoptable bow tied pups from The Humane Society of New York and Bad Ass Brooklyn Rescue stole the show! (Image:

This week, history was made. A 100% vegan label showed at New York Fashion Week for the first time. Vaute Couture, created by vegan and long-time animal lover Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, launched in 2008. With a line of stunning high-end winter coats, Vaute Couture was an instant game changer. No more hemp or flimsy eco-unfriendly poly blends. These coats are made from super warm, waterproof, environmentally sound, and of course 100% vegan materials.
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