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Welcome New Vegan Cuts Team Members

Vegan Cuts is growing! We’ve recently brought on two new team members and I’m delighted to introduce you to them.


First up, there’s Stephanie Bain, our Special Projects Manager. Stephanie is helping make some of our wildly expanding fun ideas into a reality. You’ll have to wait to learn more about the projects she’s working on, but I’m happy to tell you a bit about Stephanie.

Stephanie is an animal rights activist and social media professional living in Cambridge, MA. She is the founder of Boston Vegan Drinks, hostess of animal rights fundraisers, and a frequent vegan outreach leafletter. Stephanie also has a keen eye for great vegan products and super deals. When not kicking ass for animals, Stephanie can be found traveling the world, getting her yoga on, and hanging out with her partner, Ryan and big wolf of dog, Ihi.

As you may have noticed, our blog has been dormant for a few months. This makes us sad! Our good intentions to write blog posts have been trumped by jam packed schedules. We want to grow our blog into a valuable resource about shopping with vegan ethics.  This is where Lana Winter, our new Blog Editor comes in. One blog post at a time, Lana is going to arm us with the information we need to shop vegan, whether buying clothing, body care products or household items.



When fully engrossed in her attempts to coax words into aesthetically-pleasing arrangements, Lana has been known to subsist almost entirely on tea, toast, and 80′s synthpop. During the intervals when she manages to tear herself away from various writing implements, she can be found delving into sustainable permacultue gardening, or getting woefully entangled in skeins of yarn in an attempt to knit with them.



Vegan Cuts New Logo

We’re Looking for a New Logo

Over the weekend we were designing some banner ads and realized our logo could use some work. Not really sure what we were looking for, we decided to post our logo redesign project on crowdSpring.

We’ve had 25 entries so far and would be delighted to hear what you think about the submissions.

Help us out by leaving a comment on this post telling us which logo # you like best. Of course you’re aloud to tell us we’re crazy and should stick with the logo we have right now.

Logos will be added throughout the week so feel free to check back later on.

If you know any designers who work on crowdSpring, please tell them about our project…

You can see our logo project here.