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Going Green: 7 Repurposing Ideas for Your Beauty Box Organza Bags


If you’re a Vegan Cuts Beauty Box subscriber, you probably have a stash of pink organza bags sitting around someplace. If you’re green like we are, then you know they don’t need to be used once and then thrown away! Today we’re sharing a few ideas for repurposing these flashy little bags.

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10 Things I’ve Heard Throughout My Meatless Life That are Too Good Not to Share


Plenty of people think vegans are silly. They don’t understand why we make the choices we do. And often, they ask questions that border on the edge of absurdity, such as: “But what if you lived on a desert island and the only food left in the world was meat. Would you eat it then?” Oh the scenarios… Truth is, vegans are quite smart because we’re changing the world—for the better. Here, Molly Patrick, author of the website Bold Vegan, shares some of the silliest questions she’s ever been asked throughout her meatless life. Get ready to laugh! Read more…

Recycled Products and Packaging on Vegan Cuts

Image: andy arthur via Flickr 

If you’re walking around on this planet with your eyes and ears at least partially open, you know the mantra. Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. For many of us, recycling in our homes is just part of the routine. Perhaps you consciously buy products with less packaging (reduce), find ways to give a second life to something no longer needed (reuse), or look for facilities to transform your waste into new goods (recycle). All of these actions are important to the overall goal: reducing our impact on the environment.
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Three Earth Day Tips for Giving Back

Image: lindsay.dee.bunny via Flickr

This is a guest post by Tricia Enns, owner of Branch Out Bakery in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She is also the coordinator of Ottawa’s Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale

Earth Day is on April 22 this year and we are all thinking a little bit more green, but being environmentally-friendly is about so much more than sporting organic threads or eco-logos on the outside. It has a lot to do with what we put on the inside, too. Food is fuel, comfort, and an everyday action that has huge impacts on the environment and other individuals. What do you want your impact to be?

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Get Growing: Plan Your Vegan Garden

Image: penelope waits via Flickr

I haven’t met many vegans who don’t get at least a little bit excited about fresh, homegrown produce. Whether it’s the perfect, plump heirloom tomato that tickles your fancy or you long for a firm, flavorful zucchini, growing your own is a great way to incorporate more healthy veggies into your vegan diet.

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Eco-Vegan Product Guide with Coupon Codes & Giveaway

Eco-Vegan Product Guide

It’s said that “April showers bring May flowers”, but April brings so much more to celebrate! This is the season of rebirth, when the Earth wakes from her winter slumber and life begins anew. Being vegan is a great way to show our dedication to a cruelty-free lifestyle, and choosing eco-friendly items in our daily lives helps to keep all of the world’s animals safe and healthy, not just the ones raised for food. All life on this planet is interconnected, and every ethical choice has positive repercussions that can span the globe.

In celebration of Earth Day, in honor of this incredible planet that we call home and share with such an abundance of life, we have a plethora of eco-friendly products to recommend.

All coupon codes expire April 30 unless otherwise noted

GladRags – Save $10 on orders $50+ with code “VCUTS”

It’s estimated the average woman will menstruate nearly 500 times over the course of her life. If we assume that every period lasts around 5 days… that’s a lot of pads and tampons that end up in landfills and sewers every year. GladRags empowers women to choose safe, comfortable, re-usable menstrual products such as washable cloth pads and menstrual cups made of silicone or natural rubber, which are healthy for both our bodies and the planet.

PeopleTowels – Save 15% with code “VEGANCUTS”

 Now this is one of the most eco-savvy ideas to hit the market in recent years, and could save a lot of trees and animal habitats when it catches on! PeopleTowels are a re-usable, sustainable alternative to paper towels in any public facility, and are great to carry around anywhere you go. Made of 100% Fair-Trade, certified organic cotton, these chic towels are light-weight, absorbent, and dry quickly. They come in a variety of styles and patterns, and you can even order custom-made towels with your own pictures or designs.

HommageEternal – Save 15% with code “Hommage197115”

HommageEternal makes ethical, stylish, one of a kind bags and jewelry made lovingly from recycled materials. Old afghan blankets, dresses, coats, and worn-out jeans find new lives when re-purposed into purses and tote bags. With a bit of imagination, artisan Lamara Mikheidze takes items that others have discarded and crafts them into beautiful new treasures, literally paying homage to the artists who created the original pieces long before. These stunning pieces are not only stylish ways to tote your eco-friendly stuff around, but save a lot from falling into landfills.

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