Vegan Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas + Coupon Codes

The season of love and snuggling is upon us, and well-timed too! What better way to brighten up February’s grey than to celebrate love in every form it takes!

In true Vegan Cuts fashion, not only are we bringing you a list of sweet v-day gift ideas, any one of which would make your cherished one swoon, but coupon codes too! All of them will work right up until Feb 14 or later. So support some vegan companies, save a little coin, and celebrate v-day the way it should be: cruelty-free.

Priti NYC – Save 10% with code “LOVEME10”

Priti NYC has 100% cruelty-free and vegan nailpolish in colours that will make anyone swoon. Non-toxic and absolutely gorgeous, they even have a line of nailpolish for kids, the “Priti Princess Collection“, developed by the owner’s 9 year-old daughter! Shades like Fairy Rose and Red Riding Hood Tulip are perfect for glamming up for the holiday, and they make excellent gifts too. The company is committed to organic, sustainable beauty products, and their Apothecary Collection of body care items is downright drool-worthy. Order by February 6th for Valentine’s delivery.

Allison’s Gourmet – Save 10%  on vanilla-kissed strawberry bark with code “VC10”

Allison’s Gourmet is renowned for its vegan baked goods, confections and chocolates, and they have an extensive collection of gorgeous treats for discerning palates. Their vanilla-kissed strawberry bark is a perfect gift for your Valentine’s sweetheart, and a present made of their selection of gourmet brownies would earn some serious …”brownie points”. Organic, fair-trade ingredients are used in every decadent morsel, and the fact that all of their products are vegan makes each bite all the sweeter. Coupon code only applies to vanilla-kissed strawberry bark. Order by February 5th for Valentine’s delivery.

Karmavore Vegan Shop – Save 15% with code “vegancuts15v

Canadian-based vegan shop Karmavore has some of the most adorable vegan/pro-vegan products I have ever seen, and there are brilliant gift ideas for any veggie-vore love in your life. For the kitschy-collector Valentine sweetie, why not pick up an insanely cute cupcake mug or stuffed bunny? (Felt bunny! Happy vegan bunny!) The vegan chef in your life would “squee” over a vegetable slicer that can remake almost any fruit or veggie imaginable, and they have an assortment of vegan lube too, but it’s sold out right now. Valentine’s day, and all. Check back for restock! Order by February 6th for Valentine’s delivery.

Enfusia – Save 30% with code “VeganCuts

What would Valentine’s Day be without a purr-inducing, luxurious bath? Whether it’s for one, two or more, Enfusia has a vegan, cruelty-free bath delight for anyone and everyone on your love-list. Their bubble bath collection includes fragrances like “Let’s Get Naked” and “Love Potion #9″… and if those aren’t V-Day worthy, I don’t know what is. They have a selection of Valentine’s themed bath bombs in fragrances like “Mojo Magic”, “My Boyfriend”, and “For The Love of Chocolate”. Uh, yumm. Toss some Vanilla Bourbon body lotion into the mix, and this will be a V-Day to remember. Order by February 10th for Valentine’s delivery.

Organic Nectars – Save 10% on orders of $50+ with code “VALENTINE10”

Did you know that heaven could come in a bucket?  Well, now you do. Organic Nectars has a line of raw, vegan, organic, chocolate bars that are low-glycemic and kosher: all free of dairy, soy, refined sugar and gluten… and their Valentine’s Day featured gift is 12 of these mouth-watering bars of perfection in a beautiful decorative bucket. Bliss much? They also have raw, vegan, organic dessert syrup, chocolate sauce and gelato: perfect morsels of deliciousness for the healthy foodie in your life. Hurry! Order by midnight on Feb 12th for Valentine’s delivery.

Calico Dragon Bags – Save 10% with code “VAL10

What better way to make a BOLD fashion statement than to put the message right on a bag for everyone to see? Calico Dragon Bags is a vegan-activist company that’s dedicated to the well-being of our animal friends, and they donate a portion of each sale to charities that benefit animals directly. Colourful and trendy, each bag is a work of art unto itself, and they all carry the vital message of compassion and care towards animals. This is a gift that benefits many. Order by February 7th for Valentine’s delivery (Canadian orders due by February 3rd).

Millie Beas – Save 20% with code “MYVALENTINE

Millie Bea'sFor sweetness from head to toe, check out Millie Beas all-natural products on their Etsy shop: all of their body products are vegan and cruelty free, and with items like the Cinnamon Sugar Body Scrub, and Hot Cocoa Lip Balm , your sweetheart will smell just as delectable as a vegan dessert. Made by hand with shea butter, coconut oil, and natural essential oils, these lip balms are perfect primers for Valentine kissing marathons. Order by February 6th for Valentine’s delivery.

Vegan Essentials – Save 10% with code “VCV”

Vegan Essentials

With over 2000 cruelty-free, vegan items for sale, there is no doubt that you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for your “special someone” at From luxurious soaps and body scrubs to T-shirts, boxes of Valentine-themed chocolates, candy, and candles, they have it all. You can even buy V-day treats for your animal companions!  Your best friend loves socks? You can get them here too. Code valid throughout February. Order by February 6th for Valentine’s Day delivery.

Compassion Co. – Save 15% with code “VDAY15

A great way to celebrate the holiday dedicated to love and compassion is to show one’s dedication to a vegan lifestyle, and Compassion Co. provides the perfect way to do so. Made in the USA from organic materials, their shirts, buttons, and stickers proudly proclaim and celebrate being cruelty-free. Shirts are available for both men and women, in styles that are sure to inspire. Order by February 9th for Valentine’s delivery.


Boston Baked Bonz – Save 20% with code “VCVDAY12”

Reward unconditional love this Valentine’s Day with handmade vegan organic goodness from Boston Baked Bonz.  Send this Valentine Triple-Cookie Gift Box to a special dog you know. This gift box includes a tasty variety of three different types of our fresh-baked and healthy snacks (each tied up with a colorful ribbon) and a handmade Valentine’s Day greeting card to express your sentiments. A little dog worship is perfect for the human who already has everything! This coupon code expires early – please use by February 4th.