Vegan Deodorant Options (That Actually Work!)

Vegan Deodorant

Vegan Deodorant

When you go vegan, you suddenly find yourself spending a lot of time reading the ingredient labels of all the products in your house. Unfortunately, your next step is often a sad one. You must go on a quest for a vegan replacement for a product you’ve come to trust.

Deodorant is one of the most challenging personal care products a vegan shopper must seek out. Sure, there are lots of vegan deodorants on the market, but if you’ve tried a few, you know that their efficacy can be hit or miss. No fear. This is a list of tried-and-true vegan deodorants that actually work to banish the stink and keep you smelling and feeling fresh and cruelty-free all day long.

Vegan Deodorant Video

Meow Meow Tweet Vegan Deodorant Cream

Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant at

Meow Meow Tweet deodorant cream is, as you would expect, a cream formula that comes in a small glass jar. It has a short list of ingredients that you can actually pronounce. This deodorant cream is available in two scent options–lavender and tea tree oil–which makes both formulas suitable for anyone. $12 at

Schmidt’s Deodorant

Schmidt's Deodorant

Schmidt’s Deodorant

Schmidt’s Deodorant is made from a signature blend of 100% natural ingredients. Their formula effectively neutralizes underarm odor and absorbs wetness without the use of aluminum or other harmful chemicals. It’s is available in a range of natural scent combinations including Bergamot + Lime, Cedarwood + Juniper, Lavender + Sage, Ylang-Ylang + Calendula, or Fragrance Free. Each jar comes with a little spatula to help with the application. $10 at

North Coast Organics All Natural Deodorant

North Coast Organics All Natural Deodorant in Revolver, Naked and Death by Lavender

North Coast Organics All Natural Deodorant in Revolver, Naked and Death by Lavender

North Coast Organics deodorant is USDA Certified Organic, aluminum-free and packaged in recyclable, reusable containers. It’s available in three scents: Death By Lavender is a deodorant for women that goes on dry and smells like fresh lavender with a hint of coconut. Revolver is made especially for men who want to tackle some serious stink. Naked is formulated for sensitive skin and is a gentle, unscented deodorant made with just four simple ingredients. $8 at 


GREENBODY Advanced Deodorant

GREENBODY Advanced Deodorant

GREENBODY is an environmentally-friendly company that handcrafts a line of sustainable, effective deodorants from pure, non-toxic ingredients. Through personal experience, owner Kristin Jones discovered that her body had been fighting against the chemicals in commercial deodorants. Research, study, and experimentation led to the development of her deodorant line, which includes formulas made with botanical extracts, essential oils, and natural odor-absorbing ingredients that are both good for your body and good for the planet. $10-$12 at

Strawberry Hedgehog Natural Deodorant

Natural Vegan Deodorant at

Through careful formulation and ingredient selection, Strawberry Hedgehog has worked out a recipe for vegan deodorant that lasts up to 24 hours. Available in 3 subtle, natural scents, this deodorant comes in a small jar and can be applied with a tiny wooden spatula (included), a cotton swab, or simply your fingertips. $12 at

LaVanila, The Healthy Deodorant

Lavanila, The Healthy Deodorant, at

It would be downright unfair to make a list of vegan deodorants without including this one. Since it comes in a variety of vanilla-infused scents, everyone can find something they like. Although this is one of the most expensive vegan deodorant options on the market, it works as well as traditional brands and smells a heck of a lot better, so it’s worth the investment. $18 for 2 oz or $10 for 0.90 oz at and in Sephora stores.

Puur Body Tonic Vegan Deodorant

Vegan Deodorant by Puur Body tonic at

If you’re looking for a more unique scent, Puur Body Tonic is where you should head. Although not all of their deodorant products are vegan (some contain beeswax), they offer a wide variety of vegan scents including Southern Belle, Nag Champa, Lumberjack, and Gear Head. Even better, Puur offers sample sizes of their deodorants so you can try a few before you commit to a full-size product. $7 for full-size and $2 for samples at

Wow, that’s a a lot of options! Which vegan deodorant is your favorite or which one of the above would you like to try? 


  1. jenlp

    I use and like Bubble and Bee’s cream deodorants. They all smell wonderful.

  2. Meech!

    I’m reaaaaaaally eager to see more comments from users. This is the only body product that I’m terrified to be without. I’ve got some serious “presence” without clinical-strength antiperspirant, if you know what I mean!

  3. Keya Millionie

    Another really good one is the two that North Coast Organics make. Death By Lavender and Revolver. I love them.

  4. slim

    Staying away from caffeine & going raw help prevent sweating

  5. Jan

    I am partial to Kiss My Face’s Liquid Rock because it comes in an unscented variety. Due to allergies, I can’t use anything on my body that has a smell.

  6. Gina

    I make my own by mixing coconut oil, cornstarch, baking soda, and tea tree oil. it works and it cleared up a fungus i had for a long time.

  7. Sally

    Gina, can you share the recipe that you use? Thanks.

  8. ChantoozyTheFloozy

    Kiss My Face Liquid Rock (I like Sport) … has been really great for me and I’m a really active person.

    I admit though to having only only tried a handful of brands to date and actively looking for a “roll on” – I’m from Australia and we don’t really have many stick deodorants, it’s either areosol or roll ons (not gender specific either) so when I found Liquid Rock I got very excited.

    It is a much runnier formula than I am used to in a roll on (used to a creamier version) but I love it all the same!

  9. I use a lot of the products from I have been to their small factory in Phoenix where the hand make everything … it was very cool and refreshing to see the process and know that it is all truly vegan and hand made. The deodorant is great!!!! I am a very active person and it lasts longer then any others that I have tried out…… I m a huge fan of what Strawberry Hedgehog is doing … and their beard oil is wonderful!!!

  10. Misty A

    I love my Strawberry Hedgehog Femme Fatale and I was a clinical strength deo user at one time too. I will never ever go back to putting that poison on my body again!!

  11. thelma

    Can i purchase strawberry hedgegoh at whole foods

    • Cat

      Strawberry Hedgehog is carried in select Whole Foods stores in the Phoenix, AZ, area (since that is where they’re based). Otherwise, you’ll need to order via their website!

  12. Dana

    If you need a good, odor-killing deodorant, try Lavilin. It’s free of aluminum and nasty chemicals, and lasts up to a week!

    • Vanessa

      Lavilin is not vegan though. Contains milk. I was excited to try it based on the good reviews until I read the ingredients.

  13. Molly

    Alright friends – what do we mean by options that actually work? Deodorants that simply prevent us from stinking but that still leave our armpits moist? Or are there vegan antiperspirants as well?

  14. maria

    I am having such a difficult time finding the right deodorant. I’m Hispanic and have virtually tried everything. My current Pit Paste smells nice, but it doesn’t work after long wear and i m very frustrated. I don’t care about price, I just want a product that really works. Any suggestions, thanks.

    • Laura

      Hey Maria, we feel you on the deodorant search frustration! Have you tried all the ones that we featured in the video? Our sensitive armpit teammates swear by the Meow Meow Tweet version and our very active teammates love GREENBODY.

      We’ve also all been on the MgDeo train since it was featured in a recent Beauty Box so suggest that you try that one out, too, if you haven’t already:

  15. Clara

    I bought Schmit’s in Yang Yang + Calendula and it smelled great but I just don’t think it worked very well? It left my pits feeling dry and actually ending up chafing (weird!!!). I rarely had any odor but the fact that it was so drying on my skin was a deal breaker. I think I might try Strawberry Hedgehog next!

  16. L Stark

    I’m really not the “athletic type,” so maybe I don’t know, but good lord, wtf sport is Kiss My Face Sport supposed to smell like? Maybe senior center fun run?

    • Laura

      Hey L,

      ‘Sport’ more refers to the sweat level that the deodorant was created to fend against. I don’t know about you but I’m definitely needing a lil’ something extra after an intense morning workout session :)

  17. jenny

    I got Death by Lavender, and I can tell you, the name is absolutely fitting. Not only did it not mask my /natural/ scent, I felt it worsened it. On the first day of use, I had to take a shower, I felt so gross.
    Lavender, as a rule, should not be used as deodorant, as it seems to have a sweeter similarity to body odor. Huge waste of money. I want to go back to everyday supermarket deodorants, but find one that’s vegan and actually works. I hear Mitchum is ‘accidentally’ vegan. Wish me luck.

    • Laura

      Hey there,

      We’re sorry to hear that Death by Lavender didn’t suit your underarm needs. If you’ve been using antiperspirants for a long time, there may be a transition period during which your pits will be detoxing and will smell worse than they normally would. Everyone’s body chemistry is different and most natural deodorants aren’t antiperspirants so they won’t have the same effect.

      BUT – Vegan Cuts works with a few really awesome natural deodorant brands and you can find them all here:

      As I mentioned, everyone is different, but I find Only Goodness Inside and GREENBODY to be really effective. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to write to us at


  18. Sheila

    I use baking soda with a bit of water to make a paste. It works really well.

  19. Alexis

    I use Tom’s of Maine, it’s not the best but it gets the job done

  20. Michele

    I found that I had to get used to just having a little moisture under my arms and a little bit of body odor is ok…Really though! We are all used to thinking we shouldn’t smell human. If I know I may be excessively sweating or close to people who may not appreciate it (anyone other than my sweet hubby who loves my smell) I have found that Lush’s deodorant works well and has a great scent. It is hard to apply bc it is not soft, so I have figured out it is best to scrape a little off on my finger and warm it in my palm and then rub in.

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