The Big Unstink: 5 Easy Tips for Fighting Body Odor Naturally


Living an active and cruelty-free lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to be stinky all the time. Whether you’re a runner, swimmer, or yogi, smelling (and feeling) fresh is possible, we promise! Switching to an aluminum-free natural deodorant is a good place to start. Kristin Jones, founder of GREENBODY, shares her tips for making the transition to natural deodorant easier.

 5 Easy Tips for Fighting Body Odor Naturally

1. Hydrate.

Drinking water throughout the day helps reduce the concentration of amino acids that feed odor-producing bacteria so make sure you stay hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you when you’re away from home to ensure you always have water within reach.

Hydrate 03

Photo by Amy Gedgaudas

2. Bow down to apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has plenty of magical properties, including the ability to detoxify by regulating your skin’s natural pH. Dampen a cotton ball with ACV and swipe under your arms before applying a light application of natural deodorant.

3. Get movin’.

Sweat out the toxins in your body faster by exercising during your transition period. Go kayaking, cycling, swimming, or running–whatever you love most!


Photo by Tim Kahn

4. Eat your greens!

Leafy, chlorophyll-rich greens help deodorize by increasing alkalinity to balance your body’s pH. Enjoy a raw kale salad for lunch, toss a handful of spinach into a smoothie, or sauté some chard to serve alongside grilled tofu for dinner.


Photo by Amy Gedgaudas

5. Get your dry brush on.

Before showering, lightly rub your underarms with a dry cloth or loofah to help loosen build-up and increase circulation. This is beneficial for you whole body, so spend a few minutes exfoliating and then jump in the shower.

Keep in mind that the length of transition will vary depending on your body chemistry. Once your body has rid itself of the parabens and toxic ingredient build-up from commercial deodorant, your sweat should begin to feel lighter and cleaner. During the first few days, you may sweat more, and the sweat may be thicker or stickier than normal. But don’t worry, it will pass!

Ready to try natural deodorant? Of course you are! Find your perfect match here. Pssst… We love GREENBODY Classic.


  1. I just wish there was a natural antiperspirant! I sweat too much.

  2. Great blog! It provides valuable information to me. Hopefully I try these five tips regularly..

  3. Jenna

    I stopped using anti-perspirants a while ago. I like Lavilin. It’s expensive, but worth it since I like that it’s all-natural and safe. And effective! Only need to use it once a week. Just got the Lavilin foot deodorant for my hubby :)

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