Self Care: 5 Tips to Take Care of Yourself Everyday


It’s the time of year for transitions, whether that means you’re relaxing into summer, graduating college, starting a new job, or moving to a new city. No matter which applies to your current state, it’s important that you make a point to take care of yourself everyday. That’s why we’re bringing you five tips to maintaining your mind, body, and soul connection.

1. Make Exercise a Priority: Exercise keeps our bodies in shape while helping us to release negative emotions.

Tips for prioritizing exercise:
-Schedule it and stick to it! Set a reminder on your phone or add a task to your calendar, whatever you need to do to remember that that time is for getting your move on.
-Change it up. The same routine can become redundant so swap your Ashtanga for Jivamukti or your run for a good hike.


Photo by Amanda Shea

2. Disconnect from Technology: Facebook + Instagram + Work + School = Way too many hours spent in front of a screen each day.

Tips for disconnecting:
-Set limits on the amount of time you spend on the computer or on your phone.
-Don’t let signing on be the first part of your morning routine. Give your mind and body time to wake up and adjust to the new day.


Photo by Amanda Shea

3. Eat a Well-Balanced Diet: A well-balanced individual starts with a well-balanced diet. Eating a diet rich in plant based, whole foods will help keep the body aligned.

Tips for eating healthy:

-Plan ahead so you’re not reaching for the potato chips because they’re so convenient.
-Don’t stock your pantry with unhealthy, processed foods. If they’re not within reach, you won’t eat ’em when the snack cravings call.

4. Practice Mindfulness: Mindfulness is a form of meditation that brings us awareness of our thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and the environment around us.

Tips for mindful practice:
-When eating, take your time to savor each and every bite. When we take the time to eat, we are better able to enjoy our food and appreciate the nourishment our bodies are receiving.
-Take moments throughout the day to check in with your body, especially during times of stress. Step back and reevaluate how your actions affect your emotions and vice versa. 

5. Make Time for Fun: Even boss chicks need some time for fun! So while focusing your efforts on kicking butt and taking over the world may come naturally, work a little downtime into those plans as well.

Tips for having more fun:
-Start a new hobby, anything from taking up knitting to becoming your friend group’s new ‘bucha supplier.
-Schedule in some weekly downtime and make a commitment to yourself that you’ll spend that time doing something that brings you joy.  

Have a self care tip to add? Share in the comments below!


  1. Stephanie

    I needed these reminders! Great tips, Amanda!

  2. when i am feeling on edge i try to think of the bigger picture. to help calm my mind i do yoga, draw in my journal, feed the feral cats, listen to music….

  3. turtle

    Love these reminders as well… i think many of are trying to be kinder to ourselves.

    For me, it is a walk by the lake with the dog, yoga, hot paraffin on the feet/hands, a scented candle, a hammock and a good book, cleaning your face well with my clarisonic just before bed :)

  4. Perfect tips! Gotta get this fall semester started the right way :)

  5. Heather

    I’m already vegan, drink daily green smoothies, have a 3-6 day a week Ashtanga practice, and don’t do any altering substances but the new thing I added into my self care routine is the Ashtanga Saturday castor oil bath. It’s awesome! It helps with skin and aches and pains as well as mellows you out and helps you focus. It might be a little weird but it’s so beneficial to physical and mental health.

  6. Julie

    Love this blog about self care. It’s always good to be reminded to take a step back and breathe. Currently I am practicing meditation and journaling, as well as getting outside each day. Getting away from the computer each day is definitely a must. Another way I relax is by cooking! This gives me such a great sense of self. I am currently putting together the recipes I come up with in a book and on the computer to share with others. Vegan, of course. This lifestyle has given me more peace than I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much for the article and for those that have shared!!

  7. Pru

    The gym works wonders for me! Not only does a good work out help keep my in shape, it helps with mental clarity as well. But my favorite way to pamper myself – at the end of the day I love to curl up with my little Pug and sip some hot tea. There is nothing better than that!!

  8. Awok

    thank u Amanda these tips are amazing love them

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