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Our Favorite Vegan Celebrities

Our Favorite Vegan Celebrities

On the heels of the Grammy awards show, everyone’s chattering about the stellar opening performance by Beyoncé and Jay Z. Commentators keep landing on one undeniable aspect of the scene: Beyoncé looks hotter than ever after her December 22-day vegan diet challenge.

Whether you’ve been vegan for 5 years, 5 weeks, or 5 minutes, you’re bound to find yourself in conversation with someone at some point about which celebrity has recently gone vegan, or stopped being vegan, or has written a vegan cookbook, or had a vegan wedding. Why does it matter to us what the celebs are doing?

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Vegan Cuts Snack Box – December Roundup


Insta-snacks! Thanks IGers @girlmeetsbox, @rtorresiii, @happyasaherbivore, and @emmadudley29 (clockwise from top left)

Snack attack time! We never get tired of collecting yummy snacks each month to send to our Snack Box subscribers all over the world. The Vegan Cuts Snack Box is a great way to try out new treats, and makes a great gift for just about any occasion. After all, who doesn’t like to snack?

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Going Vegan in 2014? 5 Ways to Make It Fun

Screenshot 2014-01-15 12.18.42

Each New Year, many people make resolutions to transition to a vegan diet and lifestyle. It can seem like a confusing and overwhelming change, but if you ask anyone who has been living it for years (like me), we’ll tell you it’s easier than it seems!

This post will offer up some simple advice to make it easier for new vegans to make the transition. If you’re not a brand new vegan in 2014, you may know someone who is or may have helpful tips of your own. Post them in the comments to help a new veg out, would you? Read more…

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box – December Roundup


Tag #vegancuts and see your shot here next month! Thanks to IG users @bkgirlsexywithlegs, @veganbeautyreview, and @briannarawwrr for showing off your goods!

December was a busy month! We braced ourselves against the cold, indulged in holiday treats, welcomed family and friends, indulged, traveled, made resolutions, and then indulged some more. Subscribers also enjoyed yet another collection of cruelty-free beauty goodies in the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, from cosmetics to personal care items and accessories.  Read more…

Have Yourself a Delicious Little Holiday with Viana and Soyatoo

Soyatoo Rice Whip on hot cocoa

Soyatoo Rice Whip on hot cocoa. Photos by Cat DiStasio.

During the busy holiday season, we all need products that make our lives simpler, healthier, and more convenient. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice healthy, delicious foods just because you’re in a holiday rush. Viana and Soyatoo, two of the brands distributed by Tofu Town, will save your snowflake-covered rear this season!

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Snickerdoodle Pear Pazookie Recipe

Vegan Snickerdoodle

Recipe and photos by Jackie Sobon

Folks, I’m going to be honest with you. When I first learned about this dessert recipe that Jackie Sobon wrote for the Vegan Cuts Fall Harvest eBook, I thought she was making up words. I mean, “pazookie”? Come on. Well, it turns out it’s a thing. It’s the intersection of pizza and cookie. Still sounds make up, right? Doesn’t matter. Read on. You’re going to want some, even if you’re still confused about what it is!  Read more…