5 Reasons Why You Should Make Vegan Videos


Activism comes in all forms—from leafletting to peaceful protests to holding a vegan bake sale to volunteering at a local animal sanctuary. Each and every choice to be a voice for animals is a worthwhile one, but perhaps one of the most fun and engaging ways to spread the vegan message is through video. Here, Michelle Taylor Cehn, author of the blog VeganBreak.com and curator of the  February Vegan Cuts Snack Box, shares her top 5 reasons for making vegan videos.

1. Videos are the future.

We have entered a digital age. People are turning to videos for answers to questions, news, communications with friends and family, and of course, entertainment. It’s no surprise that YouTube has more than a billion people who tune in each month, and that more than 140,000 hours of videos are uploaded each day. Insane, right?! Now that everyone has access to basic video equipment, low-budget video production is exploding, and even shaky videos that were snapped on cell phones are reaching millions.

2. It’s easy! Anyone can do it.

You already have a video camera—check your phone, computer, or point-and-shoot camera. If those don’t work, you can easily find very inexpensive cameras that produce high quality video. Here is a video showing the camera equipment that I use. Now you’re ready to film, edit, and post! But first, create a YouTube channel. Easy peasy. You can record and edit a video directly on YouTube, but if you have a Mac you should use iMovie, which makes it easy to fuse together video segments, add music, and more. Don’t be camera shy. Get creative and have fun!

3. You have something special and unique to share with the world.

If you’re not sure what it is, start by brainstorming a list of video ideas. Pull out a pad of paper and let your brain go wild. Don’t overthink it, and I promise ideas will start coming! You could talk about a vegan product you love, what the vegan scene is like in your area, or your ‘how I went vegan’ story… Anything, really. You are further into your vegan journey than many people out there, and you can share things that will help others along the way. Be yourself and share what you know and love!


Photo by Dan Miller

4. It’s a great form of activism.

Think back to when you first went vegan. It was a little tough, right? You may not have known where to turn to for advice, what vegan products and companies existed, and how to prepare delicious vegan food. Imagine if you could do a quick search on YouTube and find videos from people who have been there and can help you along the way. I wish I’d had resources like that when I first went vegan seven years ago!

Remember this: You never know who your video will reach, but I guarantee that it will reach someone unexpected.

5. Support vegan companies and show off your Vegan Cuts swag!

You’ve seen the Vegan Cuts unboxing videos, right? They are fun to watch and even more fun to make. Open your box on camera, and let the world see your reaction to all the products within! It’s a great way to get started with videos while also supporting an amazing vegan company.

Now what are you waiting for? Get filming!

About Michelle Taylor Cehn, Our Blogger Friend

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Photo by Dan Miller


Michelle Taylor Cehn produces bite-sized vegan videos at VeganBreak.com in an effort to make veganism more accessible to the general public. She has a passion for animals, vegan food, photography, video journalism and social media. To keep up with Michelle’s vegan videos, connect with Vegan Break on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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